Nec 3500AG backup success :)



Hi guys and gals,

This is my first post on this forum and i wasn’t too sure where to put it, but i’m hoping it will help others with a similar setup to mine…

I’ve lost count of how many different progs and firmware etc its took me to make a perfect backup, but i’ve finally cracked it.

Here’s my specs and procedure etc…

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Asus A8V Deluxe (motherboard)
1GB Crucial BallistiX
74GB WD Raptor
200GB Maxtor D-Max 10
Nec 3500AG DVD/RW
Ati X800XTPE

I’m using a firmware downloaded from this site (LD V2 Beta6) thanks for that :slight_smile:
Media - Datawrite Classic (Grey top/Fuji Dye) DVD-R.
Software - Nero - Recode 2 and DVD43 CSS copy protection.

I use the (Recode 2) to rip the files to the hard drive (main movie only), then restart (Recode 2) and import the files from where they saved (My Docs/Recode), then change the target to the DVD/RW and burn at 8x speed.

All the other progs i tried (DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink etc) worked fine when i played them on my pc, but when i played them in my dvd player they skipped frames quite badly, but now they even play fine on my PS2 :smiley:

I’ve only tried 4 movies so far (all perfect), but it took me 8 blanks to get there, so hopefully this will save some peeps a headache :slight_smile:

Good luck all :wink:



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Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

This was the first time i had tried to backup my dvd’s and i thought i was never gonna find the right method/prog lol, i guess there’s lots of different ways to get to the same result, but this is working for me so far…

What method do you use? it would be great to have another option :wink:



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@MiTz thats a dam nice system there, gamer I would think?


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Yep, big time gamer :slight_smile:

I built this rig last month and it totally flies, every game max settings no probs… Although you know yourself, at the rate games/graphics are advancing it won’t be long until its time to upgrade again, but sure thats why we all love pc’s :smiley:


Yo MiTz-

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well mine is bout 2/3 years old now with some minor changes (ram, hdd) but it WAS top end back then. But with my new gfc card and lots of reloads of XP it runs most games gr8. See sig



As long as it does the job thats all that matters :slight_smile:

The system i had before this was a P3 800mhz with a 32mb card, so you can see why it was time to upgrade lol :smiley:


Hey Mike,

Finally got round to trying those progs you use (AnyDVD, DVDCopy3). I’m impressed, perfect burns and excellent quality :slight_smile: