NEC 3500AG 2.19 Firmware - problems setting booktype...any suggestions? - 2nd attempt



Hey Guys (sorry…forgot to say it was NEC 3500AG in original post)

I’ve read some great advice from this forum and now need some help myself and wondered if you could help?

I have recently flashed my NEC 3500AG from Liggys 2.18, back to NEC Official 2.18 and now to NEC official 2.19 (not without it’s problems…but I won’t go into that!) and now can’t seem to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. Have tried using Nero CD-DVD Speed and changed user interface settings to show booktype but no luck, just won’t accept DVD-Rom when ticked and set?!

Am I being very dim or is there some way to use the official NEC 2.19 and change the booktype to DVD-ROM?

Hope you can help.



Heh… but you’ve said you have a Nec 3500. =) BTW… you could post a reply in your first thread if you felt like you have forgot something. Don’t make new threads because of this.

OK… 2.19 doesn’t support bitsetting… you have to use one that does… for example 2.FD from Mad Dog.


When you flash to a f/w which supports bitsetting you could also try using WinBType.exe booktype utility at Mad Dogs Site or use Liggy’s Binflash which has a bitsetting option.


A lot of us have been waiting for a bitset version of 2.19 to surface and it looks like it won’t. I keep going back and forth between a modified 2.18 and 2.19. The good part is that +RW stays bitset once you do it under 2.18 so re-writing is easy. I only have to go back when I burn a bunch of +R. L&D’s 2.TD is pretty close but it has degraded the burns I get with G01 as they switched to a G02 strat.


chas0039: Have you tried Mad Dog 2.FD ?


You’re right. It would give me all the strat. improvement other than +R and I wouldn’t have to deal with the G01 hack that was worse than stock. Now if I can just deal with the MD label in my drive ID.

Actually this is where I started and then went to L&D 2.TD and it took a while to find out that the G01 was worse so I started burning the G01s on the LG where they are near perfect. I forgot where my process had originated. Thanks for reminding me. The 2.TD is so near perfect with +RW bitsetting that I was just going to use up all my G01s on the LG and stay put. It is nice not having to double check that my +RWs are from the once burned stack.


I think the 3500_2.FD_NS+RPC+RL.rar f/w package is the NEC ID string version of the MD labeled 2.FD f/w with RPC1 & Riplock Removed. :wink:


Thanks, I found it. That should work well until I need to set some more +RW.
Much appreciated.


Thanks to one and all for the information…will give Mad Dog 2.FD a go.