NEC 3500AG 2.16: which of these media?



Hi, I’m Luca from Italy: this is my first post so please be gentle :flower:

I must buy media for my NEC 3500AG FW 2.16 but I’m a noob :confused:
I found these:

DVD-R 4,7 GB MIRROR 8x Speed in Cakebox 25-pack Mediacode: TYG02 (no Taiyo Yuden!) for EUR 7 each pack

DVD-R 4,7 GB Prodye TITANIUM V8 25-pack Mediacode: TYG02 (no Taiyo Yuden!) for EUR 6 each pack.

Which is better for data storage, Video and PS2 backup, please?

Another question: do you think it’s better if I change my FW? Which version do you think it’s better for me, please?

THANKS!!! :bow:


I wouldn’t recommend you to buy any “fake” TY. The price is good but the risk of failing at any time is greater than with decent discs.


I agree with Quikee. I used to buy chep CD-Rs, but with DVD it’s better to spend a bit more and get a decent quality.
Better spend 10 Euro for quality discs where you won’t get a single coaster instead of spending 6 or 7 Euro for 100% coasters.

And you might want to update your firmware to the lastest 2.1A.


You could get into trouble with new mediacodes, bacause your firmware is 2.16 and newest 2.1A do have better media support, if you ended with some 16x media.

Avoid media with fake mediacode, you will be better off with genuine mediacode.

Liggy 2 mins faster


Thanks a lot!
Can you suggest me any brand and type, please? I can’t recognize the difference between original and “fake” media.
I used to buy Ridisc purple 4x DVD-R (I think they were RitekG04) but my favourite seller no more sells them.
I read also that our 3500AG can’t write 4X or 8X media at the speed of 1X: is it true for any brand and type of DVD-R?
Thanks in advance for your answer! :bow: :flower: