NEC 3500A with Roxio?

Hello all,

I am a newbie and I’m looking to buy the NEC 3500A w/Roxio SW from Newegg for $76.00. I think this is a great deal and from what I’ve read the NEC is a good drive.

What about the Roxio software? Is it worth the extra $5 for the basic version of Roxio or should I put this toward another brand like Nero?

Any feedback would be very appreciated!


i am sure you’ll get alot of conflicting opinions :wink:
my PERSONAL opinion would be to avoid roxio and use/get nero
my hardware opinion would be the pioneer dvr-108 see here

Its not worth 1¢. Its basically an advertisement to upgrade. You can get a OEM copy of Nero for $6 on Pricegrabber. Then upgrade on Nero’s website. Prassi Ones has a free 60 day trail with the full version. Its works well and its only $15 to buy it.