NEC 3500A too loud!

Thinking of returning this drive just because it’s too loud when playing a dvd, the disc just keeps on spining at high speed.

anything I can do permenantly to keep it quiet while watching a dvd so I don’t have to return it :confused:

don’t plug it in, it is indeed a loud drive.

Loud? if you can hear that drive while watching a movie you need to turn the volume up on your speakers!!!
Most quietest drive’s i ever owned…smoke another one

You can try to regulate the reading speed with CD-Bremse ( or Nero Drive Speed (

Totally agree! with you there. :slight_smile:

Though if you really can’t stand having the drive spinning in the background then you could always try DVDIdle Pro. The software can actually cache the DVD movie to the HDD…They say it Extends lifetime of DVD drive by up to 800 percent.

DVDIdle works in the background to provide Cache for DVD player automatically. With DVDIdle’s help software DVD player like PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc. are able to provide smooth DVD playback while DVD drive is sleep!


The only time I can hear my 3500 is recording at 48x CD - otherwise whisper quiet-


The only time I can hear my 3500 is recording at 48x CD - otherwise whisper quiet-

thats true. if you can hear the drive while watching a film then you need you speakers crank your speakers up a little bit more as this is really quiet. i can hear it when it burns at 16x on DVD but its not really that loud to be honest.

i only hear mine when burning a cd at 48x, other than that… never

NEC? 3500A? Loud? What planet? What speed? What media used? Maybe THE most quiet drive I have not only used, but seen the latest 2-3 years(My Toshiba DVD-ROM when rips DVD’s sounds like a F4 flying reaally low). When I burned my first disk on it, I thought that it wasn’t working at all!!

Compared to the last dvd drive i had it is a very quiet drive although i dont play dvd,s in it…

agree with others this is BY FAR the quietest cdrom or dvdrom drive i have ever heard. its so quiet i have to double chekc half the time to see its actually doing anything! you have a SERIOUS problem if you can hear anything at all from it when watching a film, because i could probably watch a film with the sound on mute and still not hear the drive.

I usually just lurk around here, but something must be wrong if you can hear this one. It is the quietest DVD drive i’ve ever owned. Even while ripping i can barely hear it over the ambient noise of my office. I have a NEC 1100 in the same computer and it is noisier. My Plextor 708 is much louder to both.

My plex 708 is also ALOT louder like yours alexcue, that why i threw it in my work pooter with that noisey 7000 rpm cpu fan i bought 3 yrs ago , i work in a auto shop…it sure sounds quiet in there.

i dont think i’ve ever heard any sound from my 3500’s… they seem extremely quite 2 me… cloaked by the sound of my coolin fans

Does the fact that a normal pressed DVD runs quiet in the 3500 yet a DVD +R/-R spins faster when using Power DVD suggest it’s the book type making pressed DVD’s spin slower?

I noticed burned +R/-R media spins faster in the 3500 using Power DVD than a pressed DVD, which just made me think if you set the book type of a +R/-R disc to DVD-ROM, will it spin slower when running under Power DVD because it thinks it’s a pressed DVD?


I seriously think that something is misconfigured on your computer. I have the NEC3500A and I cannot hear “ANY” additional noise from the DVD drive when playing a movie as compared to the drive sitting there empty. Basically, the ONLY indication that the drive is in use is the green light flashing when it reads from the disc.

I have a Dell Dimension 4550 which is whisper quiet. It sits about 10 inches from me and doesn’t make a sound. I also have a western digital 120GB 8MB cache hard drive which is also super quiet. Cannot hear any noise from that hard drive. My point… The computer is super quiet, it’s not masking the noise coming from my NEC3500A. There simply is NO noise.

Not when burning a DVD (at 8x), or watching a movie. Haven’t burned any cd’s with it so not sure how noisy it might be at 48x.

I know that I haven’t given you anything to go on, rather just let you know that the NEC 3500A is a super quiet drive, or should be. I’ve seen problems like this before…in fact, my DVD reader in my work computer always spins up music cd’s super fast and that drive is noisy and it never slows down. I don’t know what causes it, but I have the EXACT same DVD reader in my home machine and this drive doesn’t do it. So, it isn’t the reader, rather it is the OS configuration or a hardware config.

Good luck, hope you get it fixed !

Thanks for the replies guys.
Still sometimes makes the loud noise when reading a dvd if I don’t set it, but I just used nero drivespeed and set it to:

Read Speed CD - 48x
Read Speed DVD - 5x
Spin Down Time - 32sec

now I can barely hear it while watching a dvd.

got mine last week and it is really quiet even when playing dvdr burned in my old liteon

Just got mine yesterday…burned a few CD’s with…Backed up a DVD…Works perfect…and I can’t hear it…Seems VERY quiet to me.


My new dual-layer NEC drive from DELL is extremely loud.

The model number is 3450A, it’s an OEM model made for DELL with the same specs as the 3500.

I’ve noticed the noise when playing a music CD… It’s so loud I really have to crank up the music to drown it out… Hopefully I can return the drive, and not have to send back the entire new computer.