NEC 3500a - strange reading 6x



Ive skimmed a few topics on her and nothing answers my Q. Basicaly when i go into nero and check to see what speed my Drives Max write speed is i get this: Its saying 6x when it should have 16x then maximum. I am using nero which i think is a relatively new version if not the newest. Also the drive is two days old.

When i put media into the drive and try to burn it only lets me burn at 2.4x Rather that 4 which the discs support.

Any help would be appreciated



Update your firmware and then try.

  1. If you don’t put a disc into the drive… the write speeds are always the one you get… This is normal.

  2. The write speeds of the discs are written in the firmware of the drive… if the disc is not found in the firmware you can only write the disc in 2x speed… and the results aren’t good in most cases. So your disc is either not in the firmware or it has the write speed set to 2.4x.


The drive is only two days old. Should i really have to update my firmware to check my drives writing compatibiliy? They mentioned nothing about it in the shop so i think its best that i Give them a ring and monday to see what they say. Im afraide that if i upgrade the fireware it will damage the drive and they wont take responsibility… Plus im relatively new to upgrading stuff like that!



  • After reading what you said… it kinda makes sense to me and helps as i am new to the whole firmwear thing. I just didnt really understand it, Basicaly if i put in media that is 8x and is on the firmware it should burn with No problems? And so on with media up to 16x


Yes and No… If the disc (actually media code or MID matters) is in the firmware the maximum write speed can be anything from 2x to 16x. It depends… :slight_smile: for example… a disc with media code YUDEN000T02 is rated 8x disc… but you can write it at 16x with Nec 3500… on the other hand a disc with media code PHILIPS C16 is 16x rated… but you can write it only at 8x with Nec 3500 (with a official firmware).
But most of the time a 8x can be written at least at 8x.


Ill have a chat with the people i bought the drive with. Thanks for the help… I now no a bit about Firewear. Cheers!