NEC 3500A set as MASTER drive

I’ve installed and tested this drive in the master and slave positions. The drive is always detected by WXP Pro and running in DMA mode 2. I see no performance advantage in putting this drive to the MASTER position.

Perhaps others can provide their own experiences with the master/slave configuration.

it SHOULDN’T make any difference where you have a drive connected.

i’ve had my 3500 and many other devices in arbitrary configurations and it’s never made the slightest bit of difference

(except to drive letters of course) :slight_smile:

No difference. You can change the driver letter as you wish.

Okay…just checking. A lot of folks are pounding the table about MASTER mode.


Have always set my reader/ripper as “Master” and my burner as “Slave” without any problems-


In a properly configured system it makes no difference, and it shouldn’t. Pounding the table is generally a result of the chosen settings compensating for other problems in the system… :wink: