NEC 3500A sees burned dvd-r as blank




I am ready to give up with this computer. I have a new NEC 3500A that cannot read burned dvd-r on Windows XP SP2 (and Linux Knoppix). Sometimes it spins forever, and sometimes windows sees it as blank cd.

This is what I have done:

1- Try to read the burned dvd-r in another computer --> The burned dvd-r reads fine!
2- Try to read the burned dvd-r on the same computer using Linux Knoppix live CD --> cannot be read (same problem as windows on the same computer)
3- Upgrade the drive firmaware to 2.18 and LD --> Same problem media cannot be read
4- Try the NEC 3500A in another computer --> The burned dvd-r reads fine!

That gives me the idea that has to be something with the BIOS settings on my computer motherboard. I check the IDE channel setting and they are set to auto.

Any help will be apreciated, thanks!


Probably conflict with multiple burn proggies. I know that Nero 6.6 and Roxio can result in similar conflict. The IDE settings and BIOS are okay. It’s a software installationn issue. You can try to remove all burn proggies and clean up the registry. Now reload only ONE burn program and retest. You may have to wipe the partition and reload windows.


Thanks for the reply furballi,

You were right, it is a Windows problem. After removing all the burning software, and cleaning the registry; I was still having the issue. I even try to repair the Windows installation without any luck. Then, I removed my hard drive and did a clean install of Windows XP SP2 on a spare hard drive to verify that this would fix the problem. In fact, after booting for first time, I inserted my burned dvd-r and windows read it without any problem. This confirmed that it is a windows problem.

It is too bad and no one can pinpoint this problem, so people do not have to re-install windows. I will wait some days to see if people come with other solutions before wiping my partition.

Thanks again