NEC-3500a - 'Return of the PI/PIF'



So lets open another thread about NEC 3500 PI/PIF scanning. Dee-27 closed the other one, so now we are forced to open another one.

Dee, please let them talk a bit [offtopic] about the 3500 PI/PIF firmware. You know that everytime you stop a thread, another one will be opened.


LOL ScorpioSoft.
You guys are so desperate…


It’s always Dee that stops a thread and other moderators overhere don’t… :confused:

But before she stops this also, back to the topic. I hope that MAD DOG will soon release a firmware that gives the 3500 users the long awaited PI/PIF scan function.


I agree with Dee.
What’s to discuss?
It is all speculative idle chatter that spawns differences of opinions that leads to arguments and name calling.
Unless someone has factual information the discussions are a mute point as they contain no informative exchanges.


Maybe Dee should move this thread to the CDFreaks living room. =)))




I also agree with Dee.
NEC will give us the PI/PIF Firmware if they are in good mood :bigsmile: :bow:


Although I’m not an official mod in the NEC forum anymore, we still discuss moderating issues so you can’t only blame Dee for closing the threads.

Since all previous threads (and probably this one as well) mostly contained nonsense and real information was/is hard to find, closing them was the best solution. I guess similar threads might get deleted without further notice soon.


Thanks all, the discussion is going on how to behave on the forum… :wink:

Dee, this thread was not ment to be serious, but we know now that we don’t have to start such a thread again over the NEC-3500a PI/PIF firmware.


It seems that the sense of humour is quicky dying in the NEC forum :wink:

Now, look NEC/MadDog what you’ve done! :sad:
Come on! Better give us the firmware quickly and save our mental sanity :bigsmile:

The Borg: “You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!”
The poor Humour: "Who, me??? Heeeelllpppp!"


… And Then it Was Complete Silence … Until …

if(PIPO_Firmware == FALSE) {
     LoudBang(); //Another poor bastard said enough is enough!
     NEC_users = NEC_users -1;
     if (NEC_users > 0)
          printf("There are still %d NEC users alive! :)
", NEC_users);
          printf("Please give us the Firmware!
          printf("Good bye cruel world! We're all dead. Thank you! (:
else {
     printf("It is finally here! Thank you NEC/MadDog! :-))

Having some fun is not that bad … and the NEC forum should not be imune :slight_smile:


Look at all the threads created by Dee-27:

For fun, visit Living Room every day and night. :bigsmile: (Airhead and Sexy are most likely to welcome you.)


Will this ever end :sad:

You guys need to get a life you know :bigsmile:


You mean get a 3540 ? =P


I guess we all like new toys. I sure do. However I’m not convinced the 3540 is a better burner than ND-3500 - but yes, it does have PI/PIF support. Unfortunately the scanning results are quite different from Litey except for a few discs. It’s still like comparing apples to oranges I guess.


Maybe a bit off topic but maybe we will finally see a NEC firmware patcher after all. Take a look here


Hmmm… Alpha testers, sounds interesting indeed pdu. Well hope his project goes well, wouldn’t mind trying some more mods on my 3540A :bigsmile:.


Thanks for that … very interesting! Unfortunately NEC3500 doesn’t seem to be in the books right now … nobody loves us nowadays :sad: :wink: but at least one might hope! :bow:


I have a feeling that with my patcher for 3500 you can still do more than you will be able to do with MCSE. =)


ND-3500 might as well be supported in the near future. Apparently the ND-3520/3540 firmwares are quite different from the ND-3500 - but according to ala42 support for ND-3500 is possible.


One of the differences is that your patcher allows stratswapping on a very low level. You can just replace the 12X strategy if needed while MCSE requires you to replace the whole strategy (like TYG01 -> TYG02). Too bad you lost interest in the patcher Quikee. You were doing a “jolly good” job :bow: