Nec 3500A questions

Hi, Can some please help me. This is my 1st post and I’m just a newbie. I need some advice here. This is my situation: Today, I just got my Nec 3500A. I then took my Lite-On 411s and installed this one. Then I flashed this Nec’s firmware to 2.17. I burned a movie and somehow Nero burned it at 4x and when it was done, the total burning time was 17 minutes. I used a ritek g04 (4x). I used the Nero toolkit and saw that Nero can only detect up to 6x of dvd speed.

Here goes my questions: a) Can I re-flash this firmware back to 2.16? If so, where can I get it? b) How can I make Nero detect NEC’s dvd speed of 16x?

Looking forward for some replies and suggestions. Thanks a lot

Hi willyjo
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I’m not sure i fully understand the questions you put, i’ll try to answer them anyway :slight_smile:
Assuming you have the drive installed properly and Ultra DMA mode is set on your IDE controller. Check this thread for more details if required.

Ritek G04 will only burn at 4X with the stock firmware, so flashing back to 2.16 won’t make any difference in burn speed on that media.

NERO will only report the speeds a disc can be burned at on that selected drive. If you wish to burn at greater speeds then you will need media that can be burned at higher speeds, Taiyo Yuden with media code (YUDEN000T02) for example will burn at 16X.

For media and it’s supported write speeds, you can check out this thread

Hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:

Dee-27, Thanks for your suggestions. Ultra Dma mode is enabled on both ide controllers. So that’s okay. Thanks also for the threads that you mentioned. I’ll check that too. :iagree: