NEC-3500A PI/PIF..... "The Holy Grail"?



Not asking this with the intent of starting another flaming/bashing thread.

Just wondering what happened? Seemed several people claimed to be in position of insider info about if/when this “Holy Grail” firmware would be released.

I can certainly live without it, but sometimes I think it could be fun to do a check like those I have seen posted forever from people with Lite-On/BenQ etc.

My NEC-3500 seems to burn just fine, it’s the reading from it that makes me shake my head.

While I have your attention, are any firmwares better readers than others or are new firmwares purely for improving writing (3500A)



According to my contacts at Mad Dog, they plan to release a new 3500A firmware with PI/PIF scanning capabilities in early June.
Most likely the first week.


Are you sure? Cannot anyhow say about this firmware.
We already had lots of false info about the new firmware. It is better not to give us anymore hope so as not to continue to flame this drive. :rolleyes:


I heard it on the grapevine,DELETED* it’d be my birthday present for being a good boy.

And yeah, I’m still waiting for my Mad Dog $30 mail in rebate dated 01/03/2005. Emailed them about it too and still waiting for a response or monies in the mail.


Here we go again. Is it true? How Mad Dog is going to release something that the OEM has said “NO” ?


@pochoboy, cut the BS.
I’ve deleted your phony “release date”, consider this a warning.

Other posts were deleted because they are unproductive and a waste of space.
There is no need to ask, “Are you sure?”.
This information comes straight from the head technical contact at Mad Dog Multimedia.


this is what I get for being the new kid on the block. hahahaha

Wes, since you’re a Moderator, I’ll take your word for it! Who’s your contact, can you supply the name(s) of the contact at Maddog?

Just Wondering


Sorry, no names to protect their privacy.


It’s good to hear that at least it will be released. I had kind of started thinking that nec had forgoten about us 3500 users and just wanted to push newer models.


Well, its not NEC that are releasing the firmware its Mad Dog


Still, we should not put our hopes too high just in case anything happen and it is not release. It’s better to assume it’s not going to be release and be surprise by a release. :rolleyes:


Good news, Wes! Most of us lost all hope because of all false “release dates” and joking.
Any info on the firmware version? It seems that there are 2 2.R8 fw’s, of which one is buggy. The newer 2.R8 is “bugfixed” but still not 100% as far as I understood. Maybe this is the reason for the long waiting?


Any chances of a PI/PIF Nec 2510 firmware…?


Probably no official firmware from NEC (or one of the OEMs)
I want to take a look at adding PI/PIF code to a 2510 firmware, but from looking at the 3520 code, don’t expect to get such a firmware. Seems to be a lot of code that’s not as easy to transfer as for example bitsetting :sad:

But I’ll do the best I can since I want to have quality checking too. :bigsmile:


I beg it will be PI, PIF but no jitter, as seen on 3520.

The “CATS vs Home made scans” article shows us one more time that max jitter can be out of standard too…
The test was aborted before the end by the CATS, thus we got no plot. The disc shows some awful values: the Bottom Jitter is consistently almost twice as high as the maximum defined by the DVD-ROM standard

Don’t know if jitter scan can be added by firmware update on NEC ?


Don’t quote me on this but, as i understand it, the Benq and Plextor drives can report jitter because they have specific PLL hardware which apparently does real time jitter correction. There is no mention of this in any NEC technical papers that i’ve seen. So i guess its fairly safe to assume the NEC drives do not have this hardware, therefore jitter reporting won’t be possible.


Yes, the 2510 is getting old, but i still want to keep it because i dont have much need of DL media and 8x SL speed is enough for me. Besides that, 16x media is very hard to find in Portugal. Ok Liggy, if you manage to do it… :bow:


Thiers nothing wrong with an older burner (especially if it is a good one). I still often use my liteon 851s@832s and not just for scanning (even though I have a 3500 and an aopen 1608@1616). It is still my fastest burner at 8x and works great with several +r medias.


I’m beginning to believe it’ll be here soon.

I just hope its not one of those, Dan Rather, Newsweek type of stories.


It’s great to hear that the venerable 25x0 is still being given consideration. I love my 2510As (I have 2 of them) & have been feeding them a steady diet of CMC MAG AE1s (8x SL -Rs) for months with nary a coaster -or hiccup in reading them back.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, as a bona-fide CD Freak (albiet more lurker than poster) i’d love to lay hands on a PI/PIF enabled firmware.

Thanks to you, Dee-27, Herrie (wherever he is :slight_smile: ) and Quickie for your outstanding efforts in supporting these and all the other NEC drives. :bow: