NEC 3500A or LG 4163B?



I’m using the NEC 3500A DVD burner with hacked Firmware from Queekie. Never had problems with the NEC. Today i’ve got a new LG 4163B. So what model i should keep. The other one will be the “new” one for my brother :slight_smile:

Is there any hacked Firmware for the LG?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


if you are only using “expensive media”, I mean Taiyo Yuden, and Verbatim mostly, then keep the LG, but if you use various media, then keep the NEC because NEC has wider media support and LG has very limitted range of media support, but I would keep both if I have that luxery


I can’t keep both. My brother would by angry :slight_smile:
I use Ritek 8x DVD+R disks.

And for CDs i use my LiteOn Burner … is better than any DVD Burner.


I would prefer NEC 3500A over LG with its fantastic community support and quality and speed of burning plus capability to over speed majority of media for burning.


It really depends on the media. I would keep the NEC as it is better on Ritek R03.