NEC 3500A not recognized (was: nec 3500a)

i just bought a nec 3500a dvd rw drive. but i have a problem. my computer now doesnt recognize either my dvd drive or my dvd rw drive. when i hooked up the dvd rw drive took out my old cd rw drive and just hooked up the cables like they were on the cd rw. i dont no what i did but does anybody have any tips on how to fix this.

You probably didn’t set the jumper at the rear of case properly. The default setting is usually master (MA), and if the replaced drive was configured as slave, you would have two drives incorrectly configured as master. The result would be that neither would be recognized due to this error.

Check to see if the DVD-ROM is connected to the outermost end of the IDE cable. If so, that is where the master device should be.

I would remove the DVD-ROM and set its rear jumper to slave (SL) and connect it to the inner IDE connection. I would confirm that the DVD-RW is set to master and connect it to the end of the IDE cable.

Hopefully, that should get you going. :slight_smile:

that is true that niether drive is recognized
awesome ill try that thanks again