NEC 3500A - Newbie Firmware Test

Newbie here with some time on his hands due to having the week off :slight_smile: .

I’ve been reading a lot on the best bitsetting FW for my 3500A and thought I would try to test two of them that I’ve run. I’ve never tried testing FW or burn quality before, hence this post and desire for any feedback on what I should do different and conclude from the results :confused:

I ripped the main movie from a DVD to my hard drive with Recode and used Nero to make two separate burns using the following 3500A Modded firmwares: Liggy’s 2.1A and Quikee’s 2.FD V3. I was using TDK 8X DVD+R media for both burns.

Disk quality results from Burn #1 at 6:22 Minutes with Liggy’s 2.1A FW:

Disk quality results from Burn #2 at 6:14 Minutes with Quikee’s 2.FD V3 FW:

So folks, simply put, I conclude that I should continue using Quikee’s 2.FD V3 FW. I’m ready for the expert feedback now! Just trying to learn something new here.

Thanks for any replies!