NEC 3500A major burner problems with DL media


I am not sure if I am posting this in the right forum but I am also not sure if it’s a burner issue or a software issue.
I have just started backing up discs using DL media and have run into some major issues. 2 out of maybe 10 -12 discs have worked. I use an AOPEN1648 drive to rip to my hard drive and an NEC 3500A (2.1a fw) to burn. I just upgraded to 2.1b fw but have not attempted to burn anything until I get a response. I am using Sony DVD+R DL media.

Basically my burn goes thru successfully but when I play it in different home players it will lock up during playback. I am using a Pioneer DV-525 for the main player but trying it in at least 2 other players have resulted in the same problem. For example I am backing up an episode disc and it will lock up on episode 3, chapter 3 always. Then a movie I try and back up will lock up at other points. I have used various programs (shrink, decrypter, oneclickdvdpro w/dvd4:3, dvdfab decrypter) and it all results in the same issue. I have just downloaded Ripit4me and IMGburn but not sure if that will matter. Again, I don’t want to risk yet another coaster until I hear something back.

Should I upgrade my firmware to something else? Am i not using the right software? I am pretty frustrated as DL media isn’t cheap. Thanks in advance for any help and if this is not in the proper area, I apologize.

Can you download and run CD-DVD Speed, put one of those Sony discs in your drive, and go to the “Disc Info” tab?

There you’ll find the MID (or media ID) - that’ll tell us who made them.

Some Sony DL media is Made in Singapore, and has an MKM mediacode (same as Verbatim, which is your best bet for DL). Other times I believe it can be made by Ritek, which isn’t the best choice for DL.

Freezing or other playback problems is usually indicative of a media problem, or a burn speed problem.

Ok I downloaded CD-DVD speed, and for some reason my AOPEN drive wouldnot recognize the blank media. I placed it into my burner and that did it. The MID is RITEK D01 001(01h).

So do you think it is a media problem since you just mentioned Ritek being inferior dor DL media? I burn at the slowest speed possible in case you are wondering.

It probably is a media problem. Although the Sony media in itself could be good media, the 3500A just may not have good support for that manufacturer ID. Most older [and I use the term “older” loosely] drives have better support for MKM 001 than anything else, and Ritek/Ricoh worse than anything else.

A firmware update [if available] may help, & it might be even more helpful to return the Sony for Verbatim, which should give you at least a 95% chance of proper burning.

EDIT: MKM 001 is the 2.4x media code. Verbatim also have MKM 003, an 8x media code, but in the older drives, support for it may be worse than MKM 001, or even non-existant. Try to find Verbatim 2.4x media.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I agree with Albert above. :iagree:

Thank you both for responding. Unfortunately I cannot return the Sony since I got them from a store going out of business. They were on sale so I figured I will give DL burning a shot. I will however try and find the 2.4x Verbatim DL media at a good price hopefully and try those.

In regards to the firmware, Albert mentioned, I did upgrade the burner to the 2.1b firmware just before I posted. I am not sure if this is the latest or most recommended firmware for the NEC 3500. I looked at the firmware thead posted on the top but still wasn’t too sure if I should maybe be using another firmware. I guess since I am stuck with these Sony’s until I get a Verbatim spindle, I can give it another shot with the new firmware I just flashed it with.

EDIT: I should add, the discs seem to work ok on the PC, but I believe dvd drives in computers are far less picky when reading.