NEC 3500A Installation questions

Hi all,
I just bought an NEC 3500 which is going to replace an existing CD burner on a Windows XP home system. I’ve downloaded the user manual and I contacted NEC support but I’m not confident in their reply. I want to make sure I install this correctly so as to reduce future posts. I’ve compared the cables on the CD writer to the posts on the 3500 and they appear to be interchangable. My questions:

  1. I have the 4 pin black red and white audio cable but right next to it is a 2 pin connection that says “Digital Out”. NEC says I don’t have to worry about this but I want to double check.

  2. If I do need one, the only available connection that I can see on the sound card is a 4 pin: would this be a problem?

  3. I have software that the company included with the burner but I bought the drive bare bones, (not retail). It’s Nero 6 suite 1 OEM version. Is this going to be adequate? I’m converting VHS and also recording TV (I’ve got Win TV radio). Should I get Nero 6 suite 3?

Thanks a bunch!!!

Not sure what went wrong but your question has not appeared

My fault!! I entered too quickly: old age, brain cramp, whichever excuse works best!!

You don’t really need to worry about those cables, they are useless anyway.

I’m assuming you only intend to burn DVD’s and CD’s, so just connect the 40-pin IDE as well as the 4pin POWER connector and you’re all set.

That’s pretty much what they told me. Is the 40 pin cable going to be adequate or should I try to get an 80 pins cable? I’ve seen this brought up in other forums and if it’s going to be an issue I might as well get it done the first time.

Also, is the Nero 6 suite 1 software adequate? Should I try to get Suite 3? Or should I go for the same software that the retail package includes, which is Ulead Movie Factory 3.5?

Thanks alot for your help!!


NO such thing as a 80 PIN cable-

However there is a 80 CONDUCTOR cable which would probably be better-



Correction noted and appreciated. I think I’m going to go with an 80 conductor cable as long as this won’t cause any additional problems. I was going to do this as a weekend project but I have to wait till the price of dual layer media comes down a bit anyway so I guess there’s no rush. I have a large video collection that I want to reduce and save so I need alot of DVDs.

Should I post the software question in the software forum? (If this is in the wrong forum I apologize) Nero 6 suite 1 vs. suite 3?

Thanks again

You’re working too hard at this… Just install the drive with whatever cable you have, 40 or 80 and start burning! :cool:

If you believe you have some kind of problem afterward, post back! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hi again!

Thanks for the nudge! I’ll do this later on today. I just wanted to have a warm and fuzzy feeling before I started and I was too lazy to get my teddy bear out of the closet! :smiley: Thanks to all for the help!!!