NEC 3500a in Australia

Hi all…just thought I would pass this on for those abit reluctant to use Ebay.
Coolmodz Australia is now distributing the NEC3500a (which is an off-spin of for $149ea Incl. Freight, which are OEM Drives, but do come with a copy of Nero. If anyones interested pop Matt an email at
The orginal post can be found on OCAU here.

Now with 10 free DVD+R’s too (MCC003 media).


Not bad price…finally there being stocked abit more in Aus at decent prices! :slight_smile: Mind you…by the time you add freight to the eyo cost…it would come pretty close to the one I listed! :wink:

Not to mention the DVD+R’s :slight_smile:

You can get the NEC 3500a as mentioned from MSY Sydney and Melbourne for $120. I was thinking about this burner for a box I will be putting together shortly but was put off by comments that I read saying it was very picky with its media.

These guys have the pioneer 108 for $120.
Why buy an NEC? :wink:

msy have the 108 for $116 :stuck_out_tongue:

debro - NEC has firmware support, bit setting and burns + media better than the pioneer (at least from what my reliable sources indicate).


dicer - Theyre not Pioneer. They are Paralell imported PIODATA… A rebadge.

Just try and get any form of fast warranty!


Still availble :slight_smile:

28 sold thus far.


I got an NEC 3500 from MSY for $117 a couple of weeks ago.
Couldn’t be happier!

MSY used to stock the imports AND the australian pioneer models. ATM they sell the australian ‘version’…

Chamelion do you sell any blank dvd media ?