NEC 3500A(G) w/ Herries 2.17 fw won't burn DVD+R at 8x

Sorry, I tried a search for “8x” but the search term is too short :frowning:

I’ve got Herries 2.17, and used Maddog’s WinBTypeV2 to set DVD+R to “compatibility” DVD-ROM mode.

I popped a Ritek 8x DVD+R in, and Nero wants to burn it at 4x. Is there something I can do to resolve this?


If your media is RITEK R03 REV 1, its only supported at 4X

How do I check? I seem to recall some tool called CDDVDINFO or something like that… it was pretty slick, tells you a lot about CD-Rs and DVD±Rs.

Man, if this is the case, I’m gonna be pissed… I’ll be emailing newegg back and telling them I want my money back because this is advertised at 8x. Why would they advertise it as 8x if it can only burn at 4x???

There’s some modified firmware here which will speed them to 8X

You…ROCK. THANK YOU so much. This blows Herries 2.17 away.

You might try DVD Identifier, it’s free.