NEC 3500A(g) Dual Layer 16x +-RW Problems

So I got an Alienware system about a year ago that came with the Subject drive. I tried writing DVDs for the first time couple nights ago and, it just won’t write.
It Reads, CD-R(W’s). IT Reads regular CDs and DVDs. It Writes any kind of Normal CD-R(w)'s but no matter what I do it refuses to write to a DVD. Nero, Alcohol, other software. When I put a blank DVD into the System windows explorer see’s it as a “CD Drive.” It won’t backup or write files, image ISOs ANYTHING. At first I was afraid it was a bad drive but someone said if it reads DVDs its not the hardware. Anyone have ANY ideas?

Edit:IF it helps according to Nero for the firmware is 2.16
and the issue is occuring witn memorex 16x DvD-R

answered. do a search there is apparently a firmware to burn this trash.

That’s our “beloved” and known exploDer bug. :Z

i have 2 of these drives
neither burn memorex, fuji, or genarics
verbatim is the only brand i can get to work
i had 2.07–on one i went to 2.58 and it started to burn a fuji then died at 44% saying can not finish disc at once ???

i then went back to 2.1a and have yet to try it but thats the latest nec firmware so i hope it works