NEC 3500A, FUJIFILM03 Prob, Need Help!

I’ve been trying to get some good results with some Memorex 8x DVD-R’s I recently bought, and I’ve yet to do so.

Is it possible to get good scans with FUJIFILM03 media?

Plz, anyone, help.

Here’s my scans.

1st pic - Standard 2.18, burned @ 8x
2nd pic - Quikee 2.28 v3b3r2, burned @ 8x

and your problem is…scans look fine to me.

“off topic”

… are you serious? :wink:

pi max at 193/162 and pif max at 2. what’s the problem? they are not great scans, but they are well within the std of pi less than 280 and pif less than 4. where am i going wrong?

those look fine?

now this is what i call looking fine, and this is what i’m aiming for.

anyone have any firmware suggestions?

the first set looked fine, but the second one is near perfect. that’s why ty are the best (also what i use near exclusivley). your memorex media will never burn like that. don’t even waste your time trying.

thats what you get with FUJIFILM03 and thats what you get with YUDEN
-r produces scans with far higher PI errors than +r

both scans are fine

here is a link to a post of TY02 (ty r-)

calm down there, I just saw these Memorex DVD-R 8x’s at Office Depot on sale, so I thought i’d try them out, and was hoping I could get some better burns from them.

and I use Fuji 8x (YUDEN’s) pretty much all the time, I just like try out new things from time to time.


I’m a casual reader of these boards and I rip and burn a movie or two a week. I see your graphs and read your jargon with interest. But can you see the difference between a movie burned with a Yuden (which I read to be the best media) and an inferior one? Could you honestly tell the difference in blind taste test? Just curious. No offense but I watch movies not pretty graphs.

You might not initially see a difference on your dvd player, but discs degrade over time and you will see more errors. If you start with less errors, the burned discs will be readable longer. I have had readable discs on cheap media become unreadable in 1 1/2 - 2 yrs. Don’t use crap media.


just a simple suggestion from my experience and your pics. It seems like the disc doesn’t burn very well at the 4x & 6x area. So my best bet for now is burn them at 12x (6x-8x-12x). Good luck and do post the result :slight_smile:

@ Ricoman, clsgman - ty starts good but they definitely have their problems: delamination and they are not rated at the top for longevity (sorry their bbforum dos not allow to direct link posts so search for MediumRare’s post on Mon Jun 27, 2005 1:47 pm)

@totalz fujifilm03 is an 8x media i have see an overspeed somewhere for it but it was shortlived if i remember correctly like ttg02

@r_saotome here is a scan done of a disc created with a 3500 using LD 2.TB firmware:

shortlived!? Any detail on how bad this can be? I did read some post long ago about data “disappearing” after a month or so, cause those are probably the crappiest media/burners you can find on earth.

Anyway, the scans do give us clue that the drive may be too strong in 4x & 6x area for this media.

i meant the write strat for 12x i think they are 8x in the 2tg that is most current. here is a test of mine again max’d at 8x with 2.TF