NEC 3500A Firmware Question



Ok this question is probably answered often here on the site but here it goes anyway. I am about to get my NEC 3500A and if i want to backup my dvds can i do this with the firmware that comes with my dvd burner or do i need to get a hacked version? If i need a hacked version what is recommended? Thank You


Hey billybob…

Doesn’t really matter what firmware you have in order to do backups. I would suggest updating the firmware to 218 as soon as you get it. The 2 that I have came with 2.16 You can do this original off the NEC site or get one of the hacked versions. With hacked I suggest one of dee & liggy’s 218 versions. V3 and on are great. I’m running V3 Final & V4 final Fast on mine. What you gain there is the availability of brands of DVD’s to burn faster than the pkg states. But has nothing to do with backing up items.



Hey sportfish, 218 doesn’t support bitsetting, does it? I am running a mad dog with mad dog firmware so I may be wrong. I know that 218 is beter than 2fa for burn quality but dont you have to update past 218 to get bitsetting? I admit that I am still a little lost with the nec firmwares? With 2fa (or equivalent) you can use the bitsetting utility. Is it that much worse for burning?


Hey ripit…
It is my understanding that it can. At least with dee and Liggy’s but I most certainly could be wrong. I have used nothing but +R’s and have NEVER had a problem so I’ve really had no need to investigate it thouroughly. Good question though. Now you have me curious.



Maybe I was unclear to when I stated that I use 2.18. I do, but it’s dee and Liggy’s.


Hey ripit…

Here’s our answer. NEC 2.18 including bitsetting support


Hey ripit…

I knew I saw this before. You can do your bitseting with Liggy’s bin flasher.:iagree:


I knew that you used dee and liggys and you have recomended it to me. I didn’t remember what ver of firmware you were running though. I had though that 2.18 was only an official firmware (I’m very confused with the nec firmwares). My main system has my liteon 851@832 (people may not like liteons, but mine is a CHAMP!!!). I must have got the only good one. As far as my 3500, it great too, but I wanted bitsetting and was confuesed with all the firmware options, so I just updated to oem md 2fa to get bitsetting (I run mod firmware all over my liteon, but I want to become comfortable with my 3500 before I run hacked firmware on it).
Thanks a shit load for the
NEC 2.18 including bitsetting support link. that helps me out a lot.
Billybob013, hacked firmware is often the way to go. If your drive is workiing well, while it voids your waranty, it will give the best performance and quality burns. Make sure your drive is working well (not defective), and then run hacked firmware. I have the luxery of taking my time with the 3500, because of codeguys and others. My liteon firmware is so hacked it’s pathetic (I cannot remember running oem firmware on that drive). My liton is sweet, super sweet, super, super sweet. because of codeguys etc., that made it possible.


Hey Sportfish:

Bearing in mind this is the Newbie forum, I’d like to ask a question similar to billybob’s. Besides riplock removal, what are the pros and cons of a firmware update. I just bought a new computer with the 3500A and a fast Samsung DVD-ROM drive. Under DVDShrink, the DVD-ROM drive analyzes the DVD in under 30 seconds, rips and encodes in under 5 minutes usually and NERO burns in under 9 minutes. I don’t think I need riplock removal. Why else would I want a hack firmware upgrade?


Hey clsgman…

For me it’s very simple. What would you rather do. Pay $27.99 for a 25 disk tub of Verbatims 16X DVD’s or pay (I’ll use BB’s last 2 week ad for Fuji 8X) $8.99 for a tub of 25 QUALITY Disks that will burn 16X with a great burn??? Don’t know about you but I know which I would rather do. Pretty simple AAAAAAAHH! Let alone the fact of being able to bitset in the event you have a stand alone player that doesn’t like your burns. I think this says it all.



i am using my new 3500A burner now with 2.16 and want to know exactly what bit setting or bit settings are and what they do . only thing i know about them is that they have something to do with DVD+R. yea thats right im a newbie


Hey clsgman…

Here’s all the proof one needs. First scan is with my NEC 3500 with LD_V1_FINAL_R3 F/W And second is with my Liteon 1633s with BS41 F/W. Both used the same disk which is a Fuji branded YUDEN000T02 8X+R disk. It was made using Nero create data disk at max. burn. You decide what speed you’d like.



Hey billybob…

I’m not the best at explaining this subject, but I’ll try. If someone else can add to this or correct me, please do. The way I understand it bitsetting is where you change the way your DVD+R disk is recognized in a stand alone player. When bitsetting is enabled it sees the disk as a DVD rom instead of a +R which leads it to being able to be played by more types of standalones. It just gives it more versatility with the various players out there on the market. I hope this gives you at least an idea of what it’s all about. Merry Christmas!!!:bigsmile: P.S. I don’t believe that your able to do bitsetting with original F/W. As far as I know, it’s only availably in Hacked versions. Even still, your 2.16 is outdated. The latest version off of the NEC site is 2.18. Liggy & Dee’s version is a modified version of this.



does 2.16 have bitsetting and how do i enable it? i am using clonedvd and anydvd


As stated in last post, I blieve it’s only available in Hacked versions. You can enable or diss-able it with Liggy’s bin flasher. You can do a search in the NEC forum to find this. And a lot of questions can be found by using this tool prior to posting.



Yo Billiebob-

If you want to take an interm baby step - recommend that you go to Herries 2.17bs - it has rip lock removed and bitsetting and can be found here:

Us it with found in the “utilities” area of the same page and you will be good to go-

Merry Christmas-



Hey Billybob…
I found some more info for you.Bitsetting
3. Bitsetting Utility (booktype.exe) - makes +R discs more compatible with the Xbox/PS2 and set-top DVD players (see tool #13 for a nice auto-bitsetting alternative)


Sportfish > That’s for LO drives. Might confuse a newbie with a NEC


thanks for all of the info guys. since i have posted i have successfully backed up 2 dvds with 2.16 and they play on my ps2 so right i now i have no need for a modded firmware. I really appreciate the help.


Yo billiebob-

That is a smart move-

No one should be flashing their drives - just to be flashing IMHO

If in the future - and after you have had some experience with your drive - you find that you are needing something else (bitsetting, riplock removed, etc) then do your homework and pick a firmware that will suit your needs-

Happy Holidays-