NEC 3500A error message

Hi there,

I just bought an 3500A instead of my old 1300A. Whenever i start making a backup of a DVD, I get this message:“Cyclic redundancy”.

Can any of you tell me what that’s about. It’s starting to drive me crazy :frowning:


Would be better to post what system/software/OS you have first rather than play ‘mind reader’ :slight_smile:

Have you checked the Sticky topics? Specially the ‘Troubleshooting’ one!!

Sorry Web-Junkie,

Win xp
fw2.16 (havn’t changed it at all)
…using both dvdshrink and dvddecrypter. Mediatype is Prodye video - DVD.

I have looked in troubleshooting but no one seems to have a direct answer.
“…probably dirty disc…” “…probably a scratch…”

It might be right, but my discs arent that dirty/scratchy (seen with my poor eyes)

I’d try another brand of disc first, those Prodye DVD’s look like they are made by Datatrak, and the Kprobe scans of them are not very good!

See this thread:

Have you checked obvious things like DMA enabled, Master/Slave settings, Windows SP1 or SP2 installed?