NEC 3500A - DVD Read problems



I have a NEC 3500A with 2.19 FW in a Dell Dimension 4600. I am capturing 8mm video tapes with my ATI 9600XT AIW and authoring Fuji 8X DVD-R disks with TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6. My problem is with disks that have more chapters than will fit on 1 menu page. When I select a chapter on page 2, 3, or 4, the drive and whatever player program I’m using (MPlayer, WMP, Real, etc.) lock up. The DVDs play fine on my laptop as well as in my standalone DVD player. I’ve got the NEC as Master and a CD-ROM as Slave on the secondary channel. I’ve tried the usual: burn with Nero or TMPGEnc, burn-rate, DMA settings,& unloading software, with no improvement. Any ideas? Thanks.



Worked on this problem most of yesterday - had computer parts all over the floor. Tried everything - disconnected cards & peripherals & reverted to old backups, but no good. Finally decided that it must be the drive so last night I ordered a Benq 1620 from Newegg. Will post results when I get it installed.


Yep! It was the drive. Popped in the new Benq 1620 and all is well. Adios.