NEC 3500A couldnt read half my dvds

I bought an NEC 3500A and it was unable to read 5 out of 10 of the maxel 4x dvd-r 's that i had data backed up on. The dvd’s were burned on an LG 4120 . The NEC was unable to read half the dvds and the system would get very sluggish as it tried.
So… I exchanged the drive for an LG 4160 and it can read ALL my dvd’s no problem. I didnt want to take a gamble on another NEC.
Just letting you know my experience for those who have the same problem.


I know, my nec3500 is a shitty reader too. The worst of all my 6 dvd burners. I have no idea what all the fuzz about the 3500 is actually… The 2510 is the best drive from NEC, im not in doubt at all.

I have a huge collection of porn DVDs. Unfortunately, most of the discs have some nasty stains all over them, so my NEC drive can’t read them. What do you guys think should I do? Try to clean the discs with anti-jizz ultra®, buy a LG drive, or commit suicide?

my 3500a drive reads maxwell- what firmware are you using? :confused:

This seems to vary greatly from drive to drive.

My ND-2500A and ND-2510A are very shitty readers, but my ND-3500A is at least better - but still not up with the competition.

So far my ND-3500AG reads everything i’ve put in it, i had a ND-2510A before that, it would most discs but not nearly as well as the ND-3500AG. But it does seem to vary greatly from drive to drive as OC has stated


I totally agree with Dee-27-

I have had both the 2500 and the 2510-

Both of my 3500’s are superior to them-


So the 3500AG model reads better than 3500a? what is the difference between these two models or did understand someting wrong?

You misunderstood. NEC ND-3500 = NEC ND-3500A = NEC ND-3500AG