NEC 3500A, CloneDVD, AnyDVD, and 600 MHz PIII



You should expect to see similar results with an equivalent PC…

-600 MHz PIII with 384 MB RAM (133 FSB) and WXP Pro SP1. All non-essential services OFF. Zone Alarm Pro firewall running in the background.

-System comes with 384 MB RAM. 229 MB of RAM still available for use during rip/write session. CloneDVD pulls 23 MB. AnyDVD pulls 5 MB.

-NEC 3500A with FW 2.18, bitsetting tool, riplock removed. 12X write. Yuden000 T02 8X Fuji media from Best Buy. Average CPU load is 70%. Write time is 8:09 including disc finalization.

-DVD is The Mask of Zorro. Main 137 min title with English AC 3/6 audio. 100% video quality. One DVD+R disc bitset to DVD ROM. Rip/transcoding time is 14:31. Average CPU load while ripping is 95%.

Total processing time is 22:40. Nero DVD Speed Test looks good. No playback issue with stand alone players. I normally rip at 4X (+7 min to the write time.


So what’s the problem :confused: or are you just making a statement?


Adding to the knowledge base.


Only 384mb RAM and ZAPRO in the background running…

Could you post the ZAP version please?


The gold standard ZA…version 4.5.594.000. I hate the new 5.x engine. Turned off ZA but see no change in rip/write performance.