NEC 3500A Burn at 8x but take 40min for a DVD

i’m a newbie here, please help

I have the Nec 3500A flashed w/ 2.17 fw

When I burn a DVD-Video using 4x Maxell DVD-R media, the max. writting speed show from NERO burning software is 8x(11,080KB/s) but it always takes about 35 to 40min to burn a 4gig of movie.

the “remaining time” showed by nero is about 6-7min
but the “total time” to complete the DVD is 35-40min

Any help or Suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

Verify DMA is actived.

Delete ATA/ATAPI (IDE) controler and reboot to recreate it.


You say that you are copying a DVD movie but you don’t say by which method/processor/ram, etc-

If you are doing the DVD Shrink - Nero burn method - then - depending on your settings in DVD Shrink 35 to 40 minutes would be about right-


If the software has to re-code the video then the re-coding will take a long time. The burning comes last and doesn’t take that long.

Try copying 4 gigs of data from your hard drive to a DVD and see how long it takes.

With or without verify?

How much time does it take to burn 4.7G on 3500 at 16x, 12x, 8x, 4x, 2x?
'Cause I’m wondering if the time difference is big enough to buy 3500 instead of 2510… did any1 made a table with thise data?

Yo NikName-

At a price point almost equal to the 2510 - why would you NOT want 16x DVD and 48x CD writing with a better laser system??


2x    ~ 29:00 minutes
4x    ~ 14:30 minutes
8x    ~ 9:30 minutes
12x   ~ 6:30-7:00 minutes
16x   ~ 5:45-6:10 minutes

P.S.: The ND-3500 is the technically more advanced burner with better burning quality (better OPC system). bigmike7 is right, if you have the choice, buy the ND-3500, even if you don’t intend to burn at the highest speeds. Prices should be almost the same these days.

Well… yeah… the price is cca 20% higher… but I don’t need faster writting…
I have a cdrecorder which supports 52x, but I always write at 16-20…
'Cause… I had some bad experience with cdr media…
And also… I don’t earn burning cds or dvds. So there’s no need for high speed burning… the only thing I need is that I can read what I wrote few years after… :smiley:
Is that so much to ask for? :slight_smile:

In addition, the firmware of the ND-3500 is still developed - while the firmware development of the ND-25x0 series is almost discontinued :frowning: So the ND-3500 is more future proof while the ND-2510 might not work correctly with future media.

Get a ND-3500 instead of a 2510.


Thank you for that table…
And that is a good point… safer recording…
At the end it only gets to the media you burn. :slight_smile: (:a DIE PRINCO, DIE!!! :a )