NEC 3500A BLK or Plextor PX-712A BLK?



I know I can get the NEC from the egg for 80 dollars. However the Plextor ends up being 89 dollars after 30MIR. I know one is dual layer and one is not, however I’ve heard the NEC can be kinda noisy, and I’m not so sure I have a need for dual layer. Any opinions?


The 3500 seems to be producing the same quality burns as the 2500/2510. You might also consider the Pioneer DVR-108. I replaced my NEC 2500 with a 108. It’s about 1:50 fater at 8x, about 15 sec slower at 12x and 1:00 slower at 16x. Burn quality seems comparable. I’m seeing results as good or better on several different media type compared to my NEC 2500.

There are lots of posts on this. Do some reading.



The PX-712A will write DVD’s a bit faster than the 3500, so if speed is what you’re after then go for that, however, there are a some bad 712A’s in circulation so be warned and read the topics in the Plextor Forum as that is what ultimatley pushed me to buy the 3500, I’ve been a staunch Plextor user until then.

After having the drive for a few weeks now I’m happy with the it, no coasters so far from 20 or so burns to both CD/DVD.


Not true, that depends on the speed you are burning at. Although the PX-712A is the fastest 12x writer due to the P-CAV strategy (almost as fast as the Pioneer 108 at 16x speed (Z-CLV mode), it is slower than the NEC 3500 at 16x speed. The NEC 3500 uses the full CAV strategy at this speed, and that’s the maximum speed the DVD standard allows (a full single layer disc written in ~6 minutes) --> even upcoming Plextor drives won’t be faster, there will be no 16x P-CAV writer.


however I’ve heard the NEC can be kinda noisy

I own two ND-3500As and both seem quiet enough to me.

Get the NEC. You will find it this week at CompUSA for $99 after a $20 rebate. It is re-badged as a Mad Dog 16X double layer burner.

Plus it comes with an OEM full current version of NERO! :iagree:


packetloss, where on Plextors site does it say the PX-712A is a 16x burner? If it’s recording at 16x then Plextor have kept that fact quiet :slight_smile:

OK, I should have said it’s faster at recording media upto 12x speeds then.


I think packetloss was referring to the Pioneer @16x.


Plex is fast, my 708a can burn at 8x under 8 mins, but…the playback quality can be crap, ive giving up on the plex forum!!!


I think I read his answer wrong, from the statement: “it is slower than the NEC 3500 at 16x speed.” I read that to imply the 712A was recording at 16x too! Seeing as the 712A CANNOT write at 16x then the 3500 will beat it in that respect, but not at 4x, 8x or 12x!!



Not sure where you heard this;

I’ve heard the NEC can be kinda noisy

I have the NEC3500A and cannot hear this drive at all. It’s totally silent. I’ve listened when burning DVD’s at 8x and when watching movies and this thing is QUIET. My computer is a Dell Dimension 4550 which is so quiet that i have to look for the green power light to tell if it is even on, so it isn’t noise masking the sounds from the NEC3500A, there is no noise coming from that drive.

I too was looking at going with Plextor, but for $80 from Newegg and dual layer, this drive just couldn’t be beat. Granted, I don’t have any current plans to burn DL media at 4x, but when the price of media drops, at least I know that I will be able to.


I have a 3500 nec and i love it. Just flashed with herries 2.17 firmware .I can not hear it when its burning with my dell 4600. I just used xcopy platium (leagal copy thasnks) and i was quite suprise how fast it burned the dvd … and the quality from the original as my wife says she and i cannot notice any difference… It burned with no problems and a very fast time. After ripping the nec burned it in under 16 minutes with new eggs freebees dvd when you buy the drive. This nec is my 4 :iagree: the drive and i must say its my best one.
had 2 sony and 2 hp . again maybe the ones who says their drive is loud just might have gotten a bad drive. This happens nothing is perfect. :iagree: