Nec 3500a Big Question!help

how are you doing

i have a 2fast2furious the movie on AVI file, i used nero’s “make your own dvd video” when it successfully burned, i played into my DVD player and i only got sound and no video…where did i go wrong

ps i have NEC 3500a DVD RW and memorex 8x DVD -R and used Nero



Nothing to do with your NEC drive :wink:
If your dvd has sound when playing with computer software player, and in standalone player - not, then the reason is soundtrack format. It must be AC3 or PCM to get sound from digital output. You have MPEG sound format, i believe, and you will hear it if you connect to your player’s analog sound output.

How did you get this movie in AVI file format?

His mum gave it to him.

But the more important question that needs to be asked is !!!WHY!!! :Z :Z :Z :Z

I really dislike double posts…and this is one of them.

I will close this one and any other I can find.

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