NEC 3500A and Unreadable Disks



Hello everyone,

I am very inexperienced in this area but I will try to give as much info as possible. I purchased NEC3500A DVD-+RW Drive and bought Fuji DVD-R 8X Disks. I had an ISO of a movie to burn onto a disk. I used Nero 6.3 (not the latest edition) to burn this ISO. I tried reading the disk in a DVD-ROM, the DVD-RW drive itself, and a DVD Player to no avail. When trying to explore the contents of the disk I receive an error message “Incorrect function - F drive is not accessible”. What could go wrong in my system? Please, help.

My system profile

  • DVD-+RW (NEC) is jumpered as a slave drive (is this ok?).
  • Pioneer DVD-ROM jumpered as a master drive.
  • Running Home XP on 1.2Ghz AMD.
  • I think DMA feature is enable Device Manager.


A good starting point would be to be 100% sure that your iso image is good.

Good meaning that its contents are valid and compliant to dvd standards.

Depending on where you got this image, more times than not, those who create it don’t have a full understanding of what they’re doing and create trash.

It plays in windvd/powerdvd, but not in a set top player.

Mount the image using your favorite software (alcohol or daemon tools), or extract the files using winrar.

Try playing it in one of the above players. Plays? Good.

Next get ifoedit and do the correct sectors option. If the disk was done properly there should be no corrections made.

Finally, upgrade to the latest nero, and try creating a dvd-video compilation. Check your options in nero to make sure that compliancy checks are enabled.

Give that a burn and see what happens.

That above instructions don’t apply entirely to your situation, but may save you some headaches down the line.

If the disk is unreadable even by the pc dvd drive then 1 of 3 things is likely.

  1. Bad burn
  2. Bad media
  3. defective image

I’m leaning more towards #3, as bad drives are rare, and fuji media is usually reliable.

Good luck


Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I had a question about this.

I mounted the ISO using a deamon tool. I could then read the ISO perfectly. However, when I burn it, the CD becomes a coaster. I get the “Incorrect Function” error. This also happens when I put a blank CD in. Took me a few hours before I figured this out. I was about to go mess into registry land to fix it too :smiley:

One of the suggestion was to burn the files from the mounted drive? Wouldn’t this get rid of the copy protection (I’m assuming that there is one) that is on the CD thus rendering it useless later when I install it?

I’m also looking into the application that you mention. This would in theory, modify certain bits in the ISO in order for it to burn correctly?

BTW, I have the latest updated version of Nero…