NEC 3500A and RiData 8X Problem

Got a stack of Ridata 8x DVD+RW’s as a gift, not sure if they are good or bad, but I can’t get them to burn in my 3500A, not one. I flashed to the latest firmware(2.1B) and have tried using Media Code Speed Edit to add them to the list of compatible discs, but still no luck. My Roxio software sees the disc properly ( as RICOHJPN W21 r01), starts to burn but ends in disc errors fairly quickly. This is with trying slow and fast speeds. Any help or hints would be appreciated. Let me know if you require further info as well!

Hi hammerman, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Your NEC ND-3500AG doesn’t support writing to any 8x DVD+RW media (it’s too old).

You can either get some 4x rated DVD+RW media or DVD-RW media, or get a newer DVD burner.