Nec 3500A/AG?

Hi, I was wondering about getting a NEC 3500 DVD burner, I cna only find ones with the code “ND-3500A”, but I see talk of the 3500AG, what (if any) is the difference, and how much better burns will I get compaired to my current Lite-On 812S?

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PS. the one I am looking at I found HERE

Suggest you buy your 3500 HERE . All 3500 are the same except for color and OEM package.

Hello Ben :stuck_out_tongue:
3500 3500A 3500AG are all identical
RE burn quality, this depends on the media, but the NEC will burn most media far better than your Liteon.

Ok, since I have little money at the moment I might buy one of eBay, does THIS look ok?

Also how do you know if its a AG, I cant find anywhere selling a “AG” :confused:

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All the 3500 drives show as an 3500AG in windows :wink:


I have asked the seller if he can deliver it next-day, if he can, I will bid on it.

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Or is it better for me to wait for the NEC 3520 to come out?

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I found one in the UK.

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the 3520 is already out, if i was you i would wait and see if the 3520 is any differnet to the 3500. a nec will have a job beating your 812s and them maxell +R`s. so unless you want 16X & DL burning now i would wait.


Yeh, I dont think I can get much better than those scans… but I still like -R, and im keen in 16x and DL burning, and my 812S doesnt seem to good when burning at 8x.

Dont know if I should wait untill people know more about the NEC 3520A.

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bcn_246, If you don´t need a drive right now, my advice is to wait a week or two… :wink: Until then I hope we know more about the “new” 3520.

BTW, no wonder you have everage 20 posts per day, with ONE line in every post, heh he. :bigsmile:

I started biding on the NEC 3500, however if I dont big any more its unlikely I will get it.
What are the main changes between the 2 drives?

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Maybe you can tell us.

There are quite a few threads here on this subject. Take your time and read before next post. Please, happy poster. :smiley:

You can still get a good deal on the NEC at PC Connection, if you can handle waiting for rebates. You’ll pay about $150 shipped for the drive and a 50-pack of Fuji -R’s. There’s a $50 rebate on the drive, and a $39.88 rebate on the DVD’s, making your net cost $60. That’s cheaper than Newegg for the drive alone. (Especially if you live in CA like me and have to pay tax)

The deal was a bit better at the beginning of the month, same price got you a retail drive with cable/software/NEC warranty for the same price. PC Connection told me that deal would be available again Dec. 22. (Had to call them over a shipping problem with my order. - Not their fault.)

Look here:

I need one in the UK :sad:

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thats where I got mine.

The 3500 is so cheap now on Newegg. Why not get it there? It would be new too.

Try Here: