NEC 3500a acting up

I’ve had my 3500a for a month without any problems. Recently I put a memorex 24x cdrw into it to try to burn something. It made some clicking noises and basically froze part of my computer so I took it out. From then on everytime I start up my PC the drive turns green and starts clicking incessantly, with or without a cd inside it. This halts the windows loading screen and I have to push the tray open to get to windows. It continues clicking once I close the tray again. It can still read media if I leave it in the drive and let it click for about a minute. After that it stops clicking after loading the media. If I don’t put any media in it keeps on clicking. Whats the problem? I hope it isn’t broke.

It is possible that your burner is damaged.
Reflash your firmware to see if it has a positive effect.

Hi I am brand new and don’t even know how to post. Can I converse with you a moment?

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I have a question about registry key for anyDVD and CloneDVD.

They both work fine now but I lost my backup for the license keys.

Can I somehow save and backup the currently working registry for possible future troubles?

@rayleb, contact the software manufacturer for a possible solution.