NEC 3500A able to write DVD-R DL?

the DVD-R Dual Layer media will be out soon. will the nec3500a be able to write to them. surely a firmware upgrade will be easy as the plextor is able to on their drives. if any one can confirm this. thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I just received my ND-3500A today. From what I read it will.

no one can know this at this time!

Maybe a 3500@3510 soon :slight_smile:

and maybe some speed up on -/+RW to 6x aswell :iagree:

What will be a good Task for Herrie, Liggy and Friends :slight_smile: I hope this will be possible.



Maybe a 3500@3510 soon :slight_smile:

that would be nice. i dont think they would upgrade their drive with just DVD-R DL support. i think they will increase the DVD-/+RW speeds aswell. we will have to wait to find out if we can flash our drives. all we do now is wait :bigsmile:

Where did you guys heard about a 3510a? or is that just hope…? :wink:

just a hope for now :smiley:

Doesn’t it seem to you that NEC wouldn’t release a firmware to introduce additional features, just to improve functionality of existing features? 2500/2510 is a perfect example of adding features through firmware was possible and NEC chose to screw all of its 2500 owners for not waiting a month or two. I know I haven’t heard anything at all about DVD-R DL support for the existing NEC DVD Recorders. I think, if it is possible, patched un official firmware is the only way your 3500 or 2510 will be burning DVD-R9

I just purchased the NEC 3500A. I made the purchase as it states that the drive supports burning the DL format. Is this not accurate?

Also, where can I get a firmware update for the drive? I seem to be having a slight problem buring to my DVD+R discs. A review I read of the drive mentioned a problem burning to certain media, but it was resolved with a firmware upgrade.

Thanks for the Help in Advance!

sharksnack, these guys are talking about a format that is not even out yet, DVD-R Double Layer. The NEC 3500 supports DVD+R Double Layer writing, of course.

… as if we didn’t have enough confusion already.