Nec 3500a $86.13



For all you die hard Nec 3500 fans

New Nec 3500a $86.13


Good find but can you trust CDW to be right with the model number?


Probably. They used to be pretty good with inventory, able to even tell you stock by store/warehouse location, but then I haven’t bought anything from them for at least 4 years. They do have 3520 listed separately, at a (slightly) lower price.

You can also bargain with them if you call to order. It used to be easy to get at least free 2-day FedEx shipping.


WoW, they still have those in stock?? Hurry up folks because I am buying 2 before they are out of stock


Other than having the rip lock for slow dvd ripping, are these any different from the current 3520?


I’m out of slots! :frowning:


Check out the NEC forum.
The CDfreaks at this forum consider this a “classic” drive that they compare all other drives to.


Most people believe that this model is the best NEC drive


May I ask how it differs from the 3520a (I thought the only difference was the lack of rip-lock and decreased quality control during manufacturing)?

Are there actual differences in burn quality or rip quality / speed?


Please check out the following links.


Is that in Hong Kong Dollars or Singapore Dollars?


replace the $ sign with a Jpn Yen, then i would consider to buy it or not.


NEC 3540 arrived in the US, $59.99 at the EGG


This is a condition called nostalgia. One of the symptoms is insisting that nothing, NOTHING! will ever be as good as ND3500APX708ADVRA08SOHW832SDW1620! :slight_smile: