Nec 35000 with running Antivirus Bg Realtime

I think that the right topic is here for my question, otherwise, sorry for disturbing ,

I have a Nec 3500 in an Athlon XP2600 with SATA HDD’s system

There is a Kaspersky virus checker running in background as a realtime protection task, it checks every files running …

My question is :

When I’m burning at 8x or more, do I have to disable it or not ? Cause When I’m using Nero with a Philips 8x media, nero going from 4x to 8x sometimes 3x too … So the average is 5x or 6x max.

I’m awaiting for your precious thoughts

I have the ‘exact’ situatie overhere but I have a XP3000+ with 1GB memory and only ATA drives. I can burn DVD+R at 16 speed with my NEC-3500A without any problems and still Kaspersky is running in the background! I think you got your answer…
So when your bunrning speed is dropping maybe something else is going on?

Yes, something called Active OPC ? :slight_smile:

sidenote: I’m running Norton Antivirus 2004 on Windows XP, and never have any burn troubles due to this…

I´m not using Kaspersky antivirus…

But, for best burn result´s there shouldn´t be any “virus checker” running in the background while burning.

my 50 oere

BTW ScorpioSoft, raw processor power doesn´t have anything to do with it, me thinks. :cool:

I know, but to make it clear to FisherKing I mentioned it :cool:

Pinto2, I never had any problems burning DVD’s and using a virus programme in the background but that are just my 50 Euro cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Many Thanks for your replys … For the safety, I’ll disable it while burning

Thank you


What is the meaning " Active OPC " ?

Active OPC in action in the attached pic.
It also monitors the media / burn quality and lowers the writing speed if it believes a lower speed will produce a better result.

Thank you again