NEC 3500 writes DVDR only 8x :(


i use NEC 3500 with original firmware and i can write DVD+R and DVD-R only 8x but the writer can write 16x.

how can i change the maximum write speed ?

i try the last version of nero and same problem :frowning:

The first obvious question is, are your blanks 16x?

You can improve write speed by updating the firmware. Read up on the various firmwares available before doing anything as it will void warranty though you can switch back to the original firmware if I am not mistaken.

yes of course, the DVDRs are 16x, but a friend tells me that with a registry entry you can unlock the max speed so you can write all DVDRs with max speed

You need media according the link to be able to burn at 16x.
NEC recommended media.

You can check the media ID´s with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Click on the small disc at top of the main window.
Then go into this table to check all the speeds you can burn at.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

Edit; no “registry edit” will enable 16x burning! But, by time you will learn there are other “tools” :cool:

by my Benq a registry edit allows to burn all DVDRs with 16x

other tools ? the names if the tools ? :slight_smile:

Sure… you are allowed any opinion on this forum.

Take your time and look around. By time you will know. :slight_smile:

LOL i’d love to see a K-Probe scan of a PRINCO burned at 16X with that reg hack :iagree: :rolleyes:
It must be cool to burn at 16X without a 16X write strategy for that media :confused: :rolleyes:

i know that this is not good, but it is good for DVDR 16x when the writer dont want to write with 16x.
some DVDRs are not 100% supported so the max speed will not detected and for this is the reg hack

oh i see, ok :slight_smile:

reg hack… ok whatever =) Has anyone got a reg hack for my car to drive at 200 km/h?

LOL :slight_smile: How about a reg hack to make all Single Layer media burn as Dual Layer media :bigsmile: .

reg hack on benQ 1620 to burn all at 16x I think not, as the burn speed is locked by fw, and unless you hack fw , and no one has been able to decode BenQ encriptions there is no way any reg hack will let it burn all +R 16x , and if there is reg hack post it here all reg hacks are one liners and would fit on this thread with no trouble.

wow …heh… maybe u can ask your friend how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

back to nec 3500 nicW of dvdinfo , has found out that there are 3 version of bitsetting fw
v2 DL only v3 DL and +r and v4 DL, +R, and +RW
He has added v2,3,4 bitsetting to latest dvdinfopro and it should be released to public soon.

mad dog 2.f8 is v3 so is herries 2.17BS
tdk 2.77, and 2.78 is v2
nec 2.16 is v2