NEC 3500 won't play audio CD



Just replaced my old CD rewriter with an NEC 3500AG DVD rewriter. That’s working well and producing DVDs. I can still use the drive to load software from CDs BUT now I can’t play any audio CDs.

MS Win Media Player seems to find the drive but can’t understand the files and both Real and WinAmp just seem to find something but play nothing. HOWEVER, my ripper has no problem so I can rip and then listen to CDs from disk.

Any ideas what I can do to listen without having to rip first?

Thanks for any help.


Any problem with factory pressed audio CDs?


Hi furballi,

I’ve only tried with my existing commercial CDs so it’s not a problem that I’ve created burning my own. I’m moving my collection to mp3 so I can still hear them from hard disk but it’s a pain in the **** to have to rip everything first.


So can you play CDs purchased at the store?