NEC 3500 Won't Flash to Mad Dog 2FD!

Hi there,

Does anybody know where I can download the 2FC version of the Mad Dog firmware anywhere? I have a NEC 3500 drive, and I have the installer from the Mad Dog site but it gives an error message, “Target NEC 3500 Is not found correctly” …

I am currently using the latest NEC 2.19 firmware.

Only doing this as recommended by Securom as I have had problems authenticating games with their nazi protection.


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Se link below :cool:

It’s not having any of it …

Any ideas what I may have to flash it to first before I can apply this new firmware?

Do wath the 3500 page. Under original firmware you will find the Mad Dag 2.FD.

Also, use the latest version of Binflash, always use the lastest version of that program. HTH

And read The Big NEC F.A.Q =))

Thanks alot peeps,

Found what I was after… a .bin version not the mad dog installer!
Much appreciated, hopefully this blasted game will work now.
Securom doesn’t like NEC 3500s!