NEC 3500 won't burn!

I just got the NEC 3500 DVD Burner a few weeks ago. I burned 2 CDs on it, one old crappy CD, and one Maxwell 48X CD-RW. But now it won’t let me burn my Memorex 52X CD-R’s. I’ve wasted 3 CDs now, and every time it says burn process failed. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do? I tried 2 of them with Nero, one at 48X, one at 24X, and one with Alcohol 120% at 48X, and none of them worked. I’m in the process of getting some different CD-R’s to try them, but I have a feeling they won’t work either. So basically, HELP!!! What could be wrong? I :bow: anybody who can help me figure this out.

Could be a bad batch of Memorex 52X? On several occasions with my drive, Nero would cease to burn some Memorex 52X. Therefore, I tried burning the very same disks on a different burner, and it didn’t work as well. So, try different disks and or brand, etc…

I’ve never had such a trouble free burner, it will burn anything. I couldn’t begin to count the number of cds it’s burnt. Too bad they couldn’t do that with a dvd burner. The ONLY media that’s given me problems with that drive are the memorex color cds, and some sony 32x cds that had physical defects on them. The reflective layer was bubbling. Seems the 3500 is picky about cdr media, try them with another burner to see.

burn at 32x, read 3500 is picky about CD-R’s so just burn it at lower speed than max, only certain ones can do 48x

What version of Nero are you running? Latest should offer better support for the Nec 3500A. Check your ide cables on both ends to make sure everything is firm and tight. Check for bent ide pins on your mainboard’s primary and secondary ide channels and drive as well. Make sure connections are tight and firm on both ends.

Try switching the drive to a different channel and a different mode. For example, master on primary ide channel or master on secondary ide channel. Check if drive is set as udma mode in windows system properties.

Bad media and bad drive are also possible. Not necessarily bad brand, but just bad batch of disks. As I mentioned before, I recently purchased a spindle of Memorex 52X at Wal-Mart that turned out to be really bad. I went through nearly 10 disks before I came across good ones in the spindle.

Some useful suggestions that could be related to your problem:

leaving anti virus running will produce coasters!!! :rolleyes:

i switched from nero to and no i have no burning probs at all…good luck

I was able to burn a Memorex CR-RW, and another Maxell CD-RW with no problems, but it still won’t burn the Memorex 52X CD-R’s. I’ve tried it all at speeds, and I do have the latest version of Nero. At this point I figure it’s just that the NEC 3500 doesn’t like the Memorex CD-R’s. I’m gonna have my friend try it on his burner, and I’ll borrow some CD-R’s from him and try them on mine. I have the latest stable firmware on the drive too. Probably just bad disks.


I use the TDK (Ritek) 48x CD-R’s and they write at the full 48x - and perfectly I may add-

The 3500 is very media select and likes only very good media for optimum results-


Thanks. What about DVDs? My friend gave me 10 Memorex 4X DVD-R’s to burn for him, has anybody tried those with this drive? I’ll try to get some different CD-R media, and maybe a few different kind of DVD-R’s too.

Hi soccerstar426,

I have successfully burn DVD-R of Memorex media; no errors at all. It was 4x but I have burned at 2x after having bad experience with PRINCO (so started slow :-). Btw, DvdInfoPro reporting the media code id for the Memorex as “TTG01”. Another interesting point, DvdInfoInfoPro says it’s 1x/2x/4x/ and also … 8x, but the manufacturer rate it 4x.

Good luck,


The best media for your 3500 are also the high grade stuff like Taiyo Yuden 8x - or + R’s, Ritek 8x -R’s and Verbatim - or + R’s-

Good media = Good burns


^I got some of the Ritek DVD+R’s, and they’re still not working. The Memorex ones I burned for a friend worked fine though. This is really making me mad. What’s wrong with my burner?

These are the DVD’s I got:
Other people have wrote reviews and said they work with with the 3500. Is there anything else I can do to try to get it to work? Firmware? Burning programs? Anything?

Also, what’s the difference between 3500A and 3500AG?

I got thoe too, and guess what, they don’t work either. This is making me go crazy, why am I having so many problems?


Just a few thoughts-

Have you defragged your hard drive(s) lately?

Are you using the latest version of Nero?

What operating system are you using?

What is your CPU? How much RAM?

What is the version of your firmware?

Both my 3500’s seem to burn best with -R media - EXCEPT the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s

Are you using the 3500 as both reader and writer or do you have another reader or burner?

To get the best help around here - 'ya gotta give lots of information so we know what your situation is…


Yes I have defragged, I’ll do it again though.
I have the newest version of Nero
Windows XP Pro
AMD 2500 | 512MB RAM
Firmware 2.16, tried it with 2.17 also
The 3500 is my only drive. The stuff I burn is stuff I have downloaded mostly.

The Memorex disks that I have worked are -R. But I bought those CD-R’s you suggested, and they don’t work either. I’m thinking of returning the drive and getting another, but I’d like to see if I can get it to work first.


Couple of additional thoughts-

Have you checked to be sure that your 3500 is enabled for DMA in your Device settings?

Is it on the same IDE channel as your harddrive (Primary) or as the “Master” on the secondary channel?

Is the jumper on the 3500 set at “Cable Select”?


I don’t really know anything about what DMA is.
The drive is actually my master on the primary. The reason it is that is becaue I only have one cable, and for some reason it won’t stretch from my hard drive to my DVD drive if it’s teh other way around. I never changed the jumper on the drive, so I’m not sure.


Strongly suggest that you invest in another cable and plug it into the secondary slot on the motherboard (usually the one next to the cable that your hard drive is plugged into) - make the 3500 “Master” on the secondary channel-being sure to plug it into the end of the new cable - make your jumper “Master”- (be sure to replug your hard drive on the END of the primary channel cable and double check that its jumpers are set to “Master”)-

Reboot - the drive should be recognized by XP - go to the Control Panel - “programs” - “device manager” scroll down to the 3500 - open properties and see if it says DMA - if so - close out and be on your burnin’ way-