NEC 3500 with RITEK D01 DL

I just replaced my old DVD burner with the NEC 3500 based on reviews from this board. It’s virgin and ready to get flashed. Currently it’s at 2.16.

Due to the high prices of DL discs I wanted to make sure I had everything perfect before attempting my first DL burn. It will be a 8 gig file.

I plan on using DVD Decrypter (or NERO if anyone disagrees) but am not quite sure which firmware (hacked is okay, but official release would be preferred) works best with these RITEK D01 discs. I plan on using these all the time since they are currently the cheapest around.

If anyone who has RITEK D01s and has successfully burned on these discs with the NEC 3500 could let me know which firmware I should be using then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Official 2.18 with DVD+R DL bitsetting positionned to DVD-ROM (with WinBtypeV2, Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.50, DVDInfoPro or binflash).

It’s the only official firmware from NEC with RitekD01 DL support, that let your warranty alive !

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You will find official (stock) 2.18 firmware here or here.

BTW, to my knowledge latest DVD Decrypter is great for DL writing. :slight_smile:

The TDK 2.77-modded to NEC-2.17 is the best for Ritek D01 that I’ve found. NEC 2.18 is much worse with the D01 that I had. Deffinitely use Decryptor to burn images on DL media, it always works. You can get Herrie’s version HERE

If I mod it with a hacked firmware and my drive goes under is my warranty voided? Can NEC tell if you’ve used a hacked firmware at any given time? I had an Optorite DD401 and it died in around 5 months and luckily they sent me a new one (DD405) for free. I would prefer to stick to official ones but being able to use the Ritek DL discs are of a higher priority for me. What is the success rate of Ritek’s on 2.18?

If burning a bunch of Ritek DL media will save you lots of money, it won’t take long to pay for a new drive. If you pay $100 for the NEC, that’s only about 13 DL discs where I live, so if you save $4 per disc, it takes 25 to pay for a new drive. Ritek DL media seems to vary a LOT in quality, so the batch you get may perform just fine with 2.18, or it may be worse that it is here. Personally, I would not burn it with 2.18. Flashing is simple and can be un-done just as easily. Once you load the TDK-2.17, you can use the official NEC flasher to change to 2.18 if you need to.

Also keep in mind that ONE DL coaster makes the media a lot more expensive.

But if you decide to use an unsupported firmware, you should also decide to give up your warranty. It’s only fair.

Is the TDK-2.17 much different than the official NEC 2.17? I just flashed mine to 2.18 but still havent tried my first DL disc yet. I would prefer to find something that works with RITEK and cross my fingers. If that doesn’t work then if it means switching to Verbatim then its fine. I know the coaster theory. One coaster equals the usual price difference of the next better media and you also lose a lot of time as well. I’ve used RITEKs a lot and never had problems with them in the past but from this board I can see a lot of people with DL problems at least with the D01.

Here’s some scans i did with that media:


Is that with your LITEON or NEC? Is the LITEON rebadged? In any case have you tried the TDK-2.17 or you stick to the 2C8SE_Ritek 4x DL? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Sorry, that is with the NEC 3500.
I use that firmware 2C8SE Ritek 4x DL. when i do DL cause judging by the scans and some otheres i’ve seen i don’t think there is much chance of improvement. I’ve seen some others have done with other firmwares and they weren’t as good.


I just tried burning the RITEK D01 with the official 2.18 firmware and was successful. I verfied the media using two different formats and it came up perfect. Only problem was it worked on my DVD player but didn’t work on my Compaq laptop DVD-ROM (Toshiba SD-2002). That laptop DVD-ROM couldn’t read any DVD+R or DVD-R (that was burned with my Optorite) in any case so it isn’t a big deal. Is that typical of DL media that it is only readable on newer generation DVD-ROMs or is it nearly universal?