Nec 3500 with Bytecc enclosure

I just bought a 3500 with Bytecc USB enclosure. I am having such a hard time getting my nec going. I have yet to burn a DVD. I have tried nero, ulead, sonic all failed. For some reason when it is time to burn all of these program give me burn failed. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. I have not updated firmware. Can u update firmware with usb encloure.


Before even trying to burn, to make sure the drive is connected properly, run the Nero CD-DVD Speed on clean pressed DVD-Video and see if you get good numbers.

Also, there are many discussions on external enclosures, just search.

Nero cd-dvd won’t reconize the drive. Any suggestion. I know it is properly hooked up. I could play music cd I want.

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