NEC 3500 - what reader

Getting the nec3500 and selling my pioneer 107,
but what dvdrom is the Fastest reader for on the fly burns?

Not sure wether to get a toshiba with hacked f/ware or
a liteon with hacked f/ware
or would I maybe be better keeping my 107 which has the latest
hacked firmware and using it as reader ?
not to bothered about quality just speed

Well i have the same doubt as you do but i would add up the AOPEN 1648/AAG though i could find an AOPEN 1648/AAP (Pro) at their
website, search this forum to gather some info on the AOPEN drive.


i use the tosh1712 and the nolimit firm.12x on the fly without probs.

Konsolen is right, the Toshiba SD-M 1712 is highly recommended. Unfortunately, this drive is not available any more and the successors (1802 and 1912) are not so good. :Z

That’s why I bought the AOpen 1648/AAP. You can find further information in this thread:

Ok…you’ve convinced me. Since I got a NEC ND 3500A last week, I’m gonna replace my Liteon 163 with the Aopen 1648, but please tell me, how important is it to get the AAP version instead of the BKH? I’ve looked at the product desciption and I can’t tell what the last 3 digits mean) AAP vs. BKH. Is it just a descriptor to differeniate between retail vs. OEM? Is it to denote the “Chameleon” multiple face plates option or what?

As far as the AAP, it looks like Newegg is out of stock till 10/8/04 but the BKH is in stock. If there’s no big difference, I’ll get the BKH now.

Thanks in advance.

It is very important to get the AAP version. The other Aopen DVD-ROMs are completely different drives with different chipsets. The “chameleon” retail package includes the Aopen 1648/AAP. If you can’t get the bulk version, get the retail version then. I have the “chameleon” version myself, and therefore can confirm that it includes the AAP drive.

So which is the diference between the 1648/AAP n the 1648/AAP Pro version???


The 1648/AAP Pro version is a very new drive that hasn’t been reviewed yet AFAIK. I don’t know what chipset the drive uses (my guess is Pioneer OEM, but that’s just a guess), maybe Erik Deppe, the author of Nero CD-DVD Speed and expert in these matters, knows more.

The Aopen is probably the best DVD reader out there for now although I have read that there may be some issues with DVD-R discs not being recognised also something to think about is the idea of reading back multi-session DVD’s which many seem to have problems with.

I have a JLMS XJ-HD165H drive and it reads everything fine including multi-session discs and the Lite-on drives(JLMS) are widely accepted as pretty good DVD readers as well.

If reading store bought DVD’s fast is all you are interested in then the Aopen will probably be your best bet.

Good luck! with your choice.:slight_smile:

Read this long thread for detailed information about the Aopen 1648/AAP.

I have no problems with DVD-R discs whatsoever.

Get the lite-on, then you can use k-probe aswell :slight_smile: If you already have a lite-on (or other) drive for kprobe, then i dunno. But my lite-on 166s does well on the fly up to 8x, (my burner does 8x max). The lite-on’s are good at reading dirty/damaged cd and dvds, but not sure how it compares to the aopen or toshiba. I have 14xmax firmware on my 166s and it reads perfect up and slightly past 14x on dvd-r or dvd+r that are burnt (at least )semi decent. there is also 16x firmware around (as with the toshiba also)

Thanx for all replies
as you can no longer get the toshiba 1712 which would have been my first choice
I was torn between the liteon 166 or the aopen chameleon(1648/aap)

Ended up going for the Aopen , should be here next week.

I have an aopen no problems with dvds but you cannot run kprobe as that other guy mentioned kprobe is specific to lite-on … you can however do error scans using latest 3.30 version of nero/cd-dvd speed… make sure to lock speed at 8x which is the best for scanning with the aopen currently

Scuse my ignorance
but why would I want to run k probe anyway,
does it do anything to improve reading ?
It looks to me that its just for testing burnt disks.

… so it is … and it’s much better to use a burner for testing than a read-only,
. . so I wouldn’t choose the LiteDVDRom for KProbe, though it’s pretty good drive

That Aopen 1648 AAP is hard to find in the USA. I can’t find one in stock anywhere. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.