NEC 3500 vs Pioneer DVR-108

What is the difference between the NEC 3500 and Pioneer DVR-108 apart from price?

Both drives are very new with very early firmware versions, but for now the NEC is faster at burning, certainly at higher speeds, 12X and 16X On the other hand the Pioneer can read and write DVD-RAM, although i’m not sure if thats a bonus or not, i suppose it depends on if you need that feature.

Maybe a typo. Pioneer can’t write to DVD-RAM. LG GSA-4120B can.

The biggest difference between ND-3500A and DVR-A08 I think is CAV 16x vs. Z-CLV 16x.

P-CAV 16x > CAV 16x > P-CAV 12x > Z-CLV 12x > P-CAV 8x

pioneer 108 dont let you change the bit setting (i think )

Maybe even Pioneer and NEC will add bitsetting in their future firmware updates because it’s a very strong trend and a great necessity.

Not a typo, i made an error :o

It can read DVD-Ram though

My US$330 Plextor can’t. :bigsmile: