NEC 3500 ultraspeed CDRW

I have here Verbatim/Mitsubishi 16-24x Ultraspeed CDRW, NEC 3500 writes at it 16x CLV only (no other speed possible)… other burners (Liteon, Plextor) work at 24x with this media. Unfortunately I don’t have other 24x CDRW media (Memorex/Infodisc was pure trash) to compare with…

I’m using 2.17 fw from Herrie.

Same with a Plextor CD-RW rated for 24x (and also made by Verbatim). It seems like the Nec is very conservative with its writing speeds to CD-R. For instance, it will not write plextor 48x any faster than 32x…Weird !
I hope NEC releases a firmware that would allow this media to be burned at at least its rated speed.


The firmware isn’t broken :slight_smile:
You just need the correct media, and remember the ND-3500A uses CAV for CD burning so only on a full disc will it reach 48X. This will apply to CD-RW also, only reaching full speed on a full or nearly full disc.

This is a burn from a Datawrite 48X i think made by Ritek

You are correct, the 3500 burns US media at 16x CLV, The results, however, are quite good according to my scans.

Just for fun, I burned a virgin Memorex/Infodisc USRW in the 3500. As you can see, it’s still junk media. (all USRW burns at 16x CLV)

New 2.F8 firmware from Maddog enables 24x writing on Verbatim 24x Ultra CDRW… nice one!

also my platinum 52X cd-r only write @ 32X, that is pretty weird. I could`ve gotten some cheaper media with 32X speed instead…

Yes, Plextor 24 x CD-RW (Taiyo Yuden) now burns at 24x, cool ! Now, if only Taiyo Yuden 48X CD-R would burn at 48X…


If those Platinums are RICOHJPNR02s, you should absolutely have no problems writing them at 8x speed. Even if they are CMC discs, you should not face the problems you are facing. Nero freezing usually indicates software or hardware related problems. Are you sure your drive is installed correctly (DMA mode enabled, etc.)? And have you tried to burn different media at higher speeds than 2.4x yet?

Edit: WTH? Why did you delete your post? heh…

verbatim datalife 1-52x cds write at the full 48x on the 3500 only ones I have found … nec is a very picky cd write… my yamaha cd f1 is much better … I can write pretty much junk cds with that reliably at 48x times… but then again it doesn burn dvds

Ritek, Mitsui and Mitsubishi (Verbatim) CD-Rs can all be burned at 48x in good quality, check out the “burning speed and quality” thread for details. Especially the Ritek discs are very cheap and broadly available, so get those if price is a concern.