want to replace my LiteOn 851@832, for this on that has the best performances ever.
So what your advices you NEC3500 users? Is it really THE drive to buy now !!!
I didn’t find any test on the web, did you ???

There is no such thing as an “ULTIMATE DVD BURNER” (roooooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr), but the NEC 3500 is one of the best, if not the best drive on the market atm.

“Tests on the web” are often inaccurate or incomplete. Normally, I prefer the judgement of other users, with the only exception of some printmag that is not available in your country.

so we agree to say that at list is just THE BESSSST WRITERRRRRRRRR (YESSSSS!), don’t we? I mean, what burners can stand as real competitors ??

Pioneer 108. It’s slower at 16X but ~1:40 faster at 8X. I got one because the 3500 isn’t any faster than my 2500 at 8X.

So far, the burn quality on the media I’ve tried is at least as good as my 2500. An 8X burn takes 8:00.


Don’t forget the BenQ 1620.
However, it only writes at 2.4X DL and DVD-R writing quality needs improvement.

Im replacing my benq 1620 for a NEC 3500 now.
After i flashed it from 1600 to 1620 it got completly f#cked. Locks during burning, Nero locks, bad write quality etc etc. To bad, My first non-nec drive, and will probably by my last as well. The 3500 will now join the party with my 2510 and 1300… The Benq will be trashed.

I couldn’t decide which to buy, the Pioneer 108 or the 3500 so i tossed a coin. Chuffed to bits with my 3500, best writer i’ve had bar none.

the 832 drive is good, because c0deKing and others has perfected the f/w, the nec2500 beats the 832 with stock f/w, not to mention Herrie has brought us an also amazing f/w for 2500. The f/w for 3500 is being developed and will get as good as the f/w for 2500 (I hope), perhaps the f/w for the 1633S will also get as good as the modded one for 832? Who knows.

I think that the best thing about this drive is that performance is very good, the drive is nearly silent and I picked it up for under $90.

All in all, don’t know how you can really go wrong. The drive has been fantastic for me thus far.

Me too… I just picked up a second one for my sons computer so I can burn two at a time…

Ultimate burner?

Nope, it is a bit too media picky, few discs that works at 16x and few discs that could be overspeeded by default, and do not support bitsetting out of the box. I’s also Z-CLV at 8x/12x :frowning:

Beside that it’s a great writer - but not perfect. But I doubt I’ll ever see a perfect writer out from my point of view :stuck_out_tongue:

What would that be then :). I only buy RICOH r0X media I like that media so much, cheap and awesome.

Well - I don’t think there is an ultimate writer. :wink: They all have flaws in a way or another.

I doubt that Lite-On are appreciating all of our excitement over the NEC 3500. Maybe they’ll come back with a vengeance with the 1635S :slight_smile: …Who knows!! :smiley:

If they make an awesome 1635S let them, just make my flash my 1213S now flashed to 1633S flashable to 1635S ;).

First I would like to thank everyone in the NEC Forum for providing all wisdom and guidance on the NEC 3500 drive. I receive my drive last week and immediately flash Harrie’s FW. Today I received some blank media and totally amaze at the speed of this drive (16x). Anyway below is a link of the media and see attachment of Nero cd/dvd drive speed. I highly recommend this ULTIMATE :bow: drive. Regards.

Sonic DVD-R 4.7GB 1X-4X Bulk by shop4tech

Manufacturer ID : [AN31]
Manufacturer Name : [Anwell Precision Technology]

Nero cd/dvd drive speed

I agree that there is not a perfect drive, but after going through HP DVD100, Sony DRU530A, Plextor 708A, Liteon 812S and 1213S, MSI DR4A and DR8A, Memorex 4x and True 8x Drives, I got my ND3500A and flashed it with Herrie’s 2.17 Bitsetting enabled firmware and with this firmware I get the best burns ever even on cheap princo and ritek G04 disks none of my previous drives could even come close to this drive’s burning quality. For me this has been the best DVD/-+RW drive.

:cool: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:


Got my 3500 yesterday am - did a few test burns and bought the second one off for $77 + $4 shipping!!

The first replaces my 2500 and the second will replace my 2510 - the burn quality -especially on 4x BeAll media is FAR superior which is probably in the chipset and lasers - and yes I updated to Herries 2.17 firmware - in windows - perfect flash as far as I can see-

Bottom line - is it the ultimate burner - probably not - but it is the BEST “bang for the buck” 16x burner out there at this time!!

Happy Burnin’


@Jesse: wow you had so many drives, do you run a hardware store or are you a tester for some magazine?? :slight_smile:
Even having used the Plextor708 and many other good drives you seem to be really satisfied with the 3500, your opinion is really valuable to us cause it is hard to meet anyone having tested so many burners…
The conclusion is that the 3500 seems to be the ultimate AT THE MOMENT, and this what i meaned in the title’s topic, cause in hardware any product can be ultimate but it doesn’t last long (for DVD burners, may be 4/5 months).
Now i’m having doubt because LiteOn response is always quick and eficient, not so good for DVD-R burning though…

I am about ready to order this new NEC 3500 and trash by dru500a and i keep reading about this flashing 2.17 or whatever it is, is this something i have to do when i receive it and if so, how exactly is this flashing done.??