NEC 3500 suddenly acting weird

I have a 3500 which has been acting flawlessly for about 6 months. Something seems to be going on with it now. The drive will not read any DVDs and cannot erase RWs but it can write to RWs that have been erased on another PC. The drive will read CDs fine. I have another DVD drive in my PC that works fine and will read the DVDs that the NEC won’t. I have tried removing the NEC and let windows redetect it but that didn’t help. Does anyone have any ideas?

The first thing you can do is to restore your system (through your Operating system restore function) to the date that you remember more or less that your drive was functioning properly, if that didn’t resolved the issue then try to examine your drive IDE cable to make sure the cable is OK.

I run windows 2000 so there is no restore like XP. The same IDE cable runs my other DVD reader which is fine and since this burner reads CDs fine and can burn DVDs I don’t think it’s the IDE cable. I have not made any changes to my computer that I can think of since I remember it last working.

no backups… and you have a dvd burner??? reseat the cable first, see if anything can be read. try data dvd and cd, burnt dvd and cd, dvd video and report which work and don’t

Ok here is what I know. No DVDs will read in the drive but CDs work 100%. The drive will burn DVDs or CDs just fine. It will even detect what speed it can burn the DVDs or CDs at. It will not erase a DVDRW but will erase a CDRW disc. The DVDs and CDs that do get burned read fine anyplace else. I am a Sys Admin by trade but this drive has me puzzled. I may take the drive into work tomorrow to see if it works on a PC there.

Clean the lens.

Is there an easy way of doing that or do I need a special CD/DVD lense cleaner disc. I have never cleaned a lense before.

Since you have indicated in your previous post that the CD portion of this drive works %100 then I doubt that your problem is dirty lense, replace the cable of this drive, I know you have said the cable is OK but it worth of trying to replace it just in case.

I have pretty much the exact same problem as you, although it has been going on for quite a while now. CDs read fine, as do pressed DVDs, but DVD-R/DVD+R discs just don’t work - it refuses to read them. Spins up, then spins down then everything hangs a little until i press the eject button.

It is really strange that it burns fine, yet refuses to read the discs it has burned. I have tried three types of media, both DVD-R and DVD+R and I get the same results. I’m going to try it in another computer to see if it is the same there. If it is, I intend to buy a new drive - I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of for months, but to no avail.

Well I tested it on another machine and it seems to work perfectly - read everything I tried. I hate it when problems are intermittent like this.

I might try a fresh install of windows on another drive and see what happens.

My only two posts on this board were in an unremarkable little thread I made when having what seem to have been the exact same issues. After going through the whole software-vs-hardware elimination dance, I settled on the drive being a bit finnicky about the power supply in my primary machine–a switch with the PSU in my other tower, and every drive seems to be happy.

So, for what it’s worth, good luck; that was a frustrating week of fiddling.

Actually, I wouldn’t doubt if the lense is dirty. Pressed DVDs reflect more than DVD+/-R, so it could be some dust on the lense. It could be a power issue, but that’s VERY odd. I’d check the voltages with a meter if you can. If they check out, you should clean the lense. Those lense cleaning CDs are USELESS, the ONLY way to do it is with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Just don’t use a bunch of pressure on the lense or you’ll knock it out of alignment. In fact, try not to move it at all (that’s impossible, but the less it moves the better). My buddy’s CD burner wouldn’t read anything a while back, let alone burn. I cleaned the lense, and it works great again. Good luck, hope that helps. :iagree: