NEC 3500 sound when cd spinning at 32x!

Is it normal that when playing cd on 30-32x it begans produce sounds like “tok tok----tok-tok-tok—tok…” Hard to describe it but hope you got my point…

This can only be heard at near 32x speed. Drive though works without problems.

Could some nec 3500 owner but cd into his drive and adjust drivespeed into 32x with nero drivespeed and listen the drive?

I’ve started a thread about noise generating from nd-3500 here:
Unfortunately nobody here is able to explain me how to solve the noise prob.

Do you have the same problem that when it comes near 32x sound becomes louder (in my drive really loud tok–tok sound) and when getting over 32X it disappear completely?

Not exactly, maybe that tok–tok sound is the disc stop/start fast b/c reading problem on disc or drive. I think I don’t have it if disc is perfect.
In my system using Nero 6 DriveSpeed I can use only cd at 4x, 8x, 10x, 16x, 24x and 32x speed.
32x like 16x (CLV explained in my thread) is very loud, 24x is audible and 20x nearly silent.
Most people outta there don’t have high speed noise using players like WMP9 and Winamp in cda mode. I do and haven’t find the reason or a solution yet.
I’m still waiting a suggestion how to check something is wrong in my system.


Both my 3500’s have very faint “wheering” sound on TDK CD’s at 32x and at 48x-

Sounds like you may have some warped media IMO


The problem exists in every kind cd, even with not_home_burned cds.