NEC 3500 slow read times




I have an NEC 3500, and i cannot seem to get it to read any faster than about 4.5X with any of the DVD decoding/encoding software i’ve tried (DVD decrypter, DVD Shrink, Nero, Alcohol) which leads me to belive its a hardware setting problem rather than a software problem.

I read the posts stuck at the top of this thread, as i assume there must be some sort of “standard things to check” but i havent been able to find one.

I do know that DMA if avail is enabled on this drive. But other than that im not sure what to check. I did upgrade the firmware from the NEC site to 2.18, didnt change anything performance wise.

Where do i start? This is a brand new computer and it reads slower than my old Pentium III with a 2 year old Lite-On drive.


The stock firmware has a riplock built in that slows the speed of reading pressed DVDs. Go to this site and choose one of the firmwares that will unlock. Make sure you read carefully and realize the warnings before you proceed. I have had good luck with binflash and the NEC 2.18 (218btrpc1).


If you can rip DL at 4.5X, then the riplock is removed. Use DVD Speedtest to check the read speed of your DL DVDs. Make sure you have AnyDVD running in the background. Should start around 3.1X with max speed around 7.3X.