NEC-3500 recommended firmware

1st hello everyone :wave: :bigsmile:

thank god this forum exists been reading up on the NEC forum and theres to much information that im getting confused!

i am using NEC 2.18 because 2.16 didnt burn cds well.

however i am getting annoyed that my cds only burn @ 32x when i have paid for a writer that does 48x!!!

basically what i am after is a firmware that increases the speed from 32x to 48x, i have alot of datawrite, datasafe and infiniti cdrs atm so whatever firmware is best suited for that.

As for the DVD-R/RW settings im not really looking for improvements, just anything that is as stable as it currently is.

please can someone recommend a good stable firmware for my needs

i thank you in advance :bow:


Your firmware is just fine-

Your media isn’t - and I don’t believe that there is a firmware out there that will help you-

The CD burning at 32x is very common for the 3500 - it is NEC’s way of insuring that you get a good burn (my TDK with Ritek MID will do 48x in both my 3500’s - but I purposefully set them back to 32x to insure a good burn)-

The time difference between 32x and 48x is very small - go with what your very good burner is trying to tell you-


Same old story Mike. Crap media = crap burns.

Yo Mark-

Yup - and the fact that most folks don’t know that all burners firmware dictates what speed different medias are burned at-

You still see someone posting saying that Taiyo Yuden won’t burn any faster than 32x in their 35xx-

Go figure-


You still see someone posting saying that Taiyo Yuden won’t burn any faster than 32x in their 35xx-

Go figure-
Hey Mike…

I can’t figure:confused: Crap media yes. TY aaaahhhhhhh might have to see it to believe it. Unless it’s in PIO.

Yo Mark-

Yes - it is true - TY 48x CD-R’s only burn at 32x in 35xx’s - If you don’t believe me - ask your girlfriend Dee-27!!!


Interesting. I guess now that I think about it, I’ve not done a full burn on CD since I’ve gotten the 35’s.

Yo Mark-

Do you have TY CD-R media?

Since TDK stopped using Ritek media in their CD-R’s - the next batch of CD-R’s for me will definately be TY’s-(even if they burn at 32x - which I do anyway)-


ok thanks for the replies, can some1 kindly point out (a list) the media that will definately burn at 48x

so far i have used:
infiniti - 48x - wrote @ 32x
datawrite - 52x - wrote @ 32x
datasafe - 52x - wrote @ 32x
memorex - 48x - wrote @ 32x

so im hoping the next batch of cdrs i buy will burn 48x, cause i dont want to keep having to guess which cds burn faster then others. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Try Verbatim.
Both the Verbatim and Moser Baer ATIPs will burn at 48X, and they are frequently on sale.

CMC Magnetics will also burn at 48X, but Tayio Yuden tops out at 32X.

If Moser Baer will fly, keep your eye’s open for any Memorex on sale. They have finally got their head out of there A$$ and are now using Moser Baer. But you need to make sure that you find the ones made in India. If it’s not made in India, it’s 99.9% going to be JUNK!

I’m burning TY CD-R rated at 52X from Rima, and I top out at 32X on my 3500. I’m kinda suprised NEC doesn’t recognize TY as capable of speeds to 48X.

I’m seriously interested in hearing what kind of luck others are having with other CD-R media’s such as Moser Baer where longevity is concerned. I’ve a HUGE audio collection and have already lost some VERY rare copies of albums that are completely out of print due to poor longevity of inferior media. I’ve a TON of LP’s, and many that are not available on CD I have taken ALOT of time to record as 44.1 K wavs, then burn them to CD using CD-RWin, and am NOT happy about the fact that I need to re-do some of them as it’s VERY time consuming.

Do you guys think where CD-R is concerned, TY is the absolute cream of the crop there too? Still? It’s a sorta dying standard where everything BUT redbook audio is concerned, and it concerns me that eventualy, even top-rated names like TY might start cutting corners there in order to focus more time adn revenue on DVD media. I do NOT like having to have 3 or more copies of each CD in order to feel confident I’m not going to loose anything. :confused: My archives are INSANE! lol


Yo JD-

TY is still the “Cream Of The Crop” as far as CD media goes-

That the NEC’s burn them at 32x is interesting 'cause Taiyo Yuden is the test media standard for most burner manufacturers-

It is exactly because of this 32x for TY’s - that I burn all my TDK (Ritek) CD’s at 32x - even though the 3500 will burn them at 48x-