NEC 3500 reading capabilities? Good ALLROUND drive?

I’m looking for a new burner to replace my nec ND-1100. Is the 3500 a good choice if it will be my ONLY drive? Speed isn’t much of my consideration? I only want to make good burns (both cd’s and dvd’s) that work in almost every cd or dvd drive. I will use it to watch dvd’s and to rip dvd’s and music. I’ve heard it doesn’t read bad discs very well? Is this true? Should I get a pioneer 108. Why do you think the pioneer is better?
The drive has to be quiet, and I believe both are. For the moment I wont be burning DL media but if media becomes cheaper perhaps I will. When do you think DL media will become cheaper?

We do have an NEC Forum here.
NEC 3500A is a much better reader than previous NEC models.

Read up some more on our Pioneer/NEC/Media forums.

Pioner has been tested (by c’t mag and cdr testing sites) to be a better reader than the Nec 3500. Both for optical tracking and error correction.

In forums I’ve seen a few occasions of Nec 3500 not recognizing it’s own burns, but these seem to be fortunately much less common than similar problems with 2500/2510. The same has been noted by online reviewers (like cdrinfo).